10 iPhone apps you should know about in 2022

Many of Apple’s pre-installed apps on the iPhone and iPad are great for helping you do your work and study. If you have more needs, you can do it through third-party apps available from the App Store.

The App Store offers endless apps to expand your phone’s capabilities, however, for some reason, you might not know which ones are right for you. If you are not good at finding interesting applications, here are some for you, I hope they can help you.


Shopkick is a free and simple way to earn money, and you can get some free money effortlessly.

With it, you can get free PayPal payment or gift cards at your favorite store or restaurant, and Shopkick’s in-app tasks are very simple, such as walking into the store, scanning product barcodes, scanning shopping receipts, shopping online, and watching video clips. With a little effort, you’ll soon get a $25 gift card. Over time, you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional income each year, depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in.

The Shopkick app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather is a beautifully designed weather app with a wide range of features including but not limited to weather forecasts, ultra-detailed outdoor condition reports, built-in radar, user-configurable notifications, support for various weather data sources, and more.

It’s clear that the developers of Carrot Weather have spent a lot of time perfecting the app over the years, and the recent revamp makes it look better when checking the weather. Carrot Weather is available for free from the App Store, but you can choose from different subscription tiers depending on your needs, making the app even more powerful.



While Apple’s Calendar app is useful, I’m not at all satisfied with its user interface. I feel like the available screen real estate is underutilized, and it’s missing features that would have made the Calendar app more beneficial to users.

Since Apple’s calendar doesn’t seem to be changing materially anytime soon, you can give Fantastical a try. The app offers an all-in-one user experience with a monthly or weekly view of events (whichever you prefer) and a list of upcoming events.

Another benefit of Fantastic is the ability to see weather conditions for the next few days, allowing you to plan future events more effectively based on changes brought about by the weather. Fantastic is a free download from the App Store, but features like app icon customization and extended weather forecasting are only available to subscribers.



Cardhop implements all the features of Apple’s Contacts app, including birthday notifications, additional sorting options, and making digital contacts or business cards with contact information for easy sharing with others.

Cardhop is $4.99 in the App Store.



If you’re a shopaholic or otherwise need to sign for a lot of deliveries, then the Deliveries app is definitely something you should consider. It supports express services from all major carriers, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and even Amazon Express.

Having everything in one place and showing the number of days until delivery, I can better plan the arrival of my packages without worrying about whether nearby thieves will steal them.

Deliveries are free to download from the App Store, but users can opt for an affordable annual subscription that unlocks cloud-based delivery syncing and other useful perks.



Reddit allows me to follow my favorite interests as much as I want, and, considering how many people seem to follow various different sub-Reddits, I’m not alone.

The official Reddit app can interact with the platform through a mobile device, but the Apollo app provides a better user experience and API than the official app, the app’s developers are constantly listening to user feedback, and over time Continuously improve the product.

Apollo’s interface is clean and simple, providing easy one-handed operation with integrated swipe gestures and/or well-placed buttons. Plus, it’s pretty easy to switch between user accounts and monitor past account history, among other things.

You can get Apollo from the App Store for just $2.99, and the app also includes affordable one-time in-app purchases for extra perks and features that regular users don’t have access to.



Repairing a vehicle is often not cheap, but sometimes the repair can be so simple that you can try to do it yourself without paying for expensive diagnostics and repairs.

BlueDriver is an app that connects to a dedicated Bluetooth-driven OBD-II scanner, allowing you to read check engine codes, clear repaired codes, and find details on how to fix specific problems and where to get replacement parts. The app also provides real-time data while the vehicle is running, such as fuel trim, power data, sensor readings, and more.

There are cheaper OBD-II scanners on the market, but they don’t give the end-user as much control as the BlueDriver option.

BlueDriver is free to download from the App Store, but note that you’ll need a Bluetooth OBD-II accessory to connect to your car — it’s a $119 item purchased separately from Amazon, with occasional coupon codes available for the price lower.



The iPhone already gives you a ton of information about your personal health and fitness goals, but an app called Pedometer++ can expand those capabilities even further by keeping tabs on how many steps you take each day.

Pedometer++ allows the end-user to set a step goal and then reminds you if you are hitting that goal every day. It also provides a live widget for the Today page so you can follow your activity throughout the day. A word of caution: Pedometer++ doesn’t use a lot of power, and it’s a free download from the app store.


Guardian Firewall

In this day and age where personal privacy is very important, social media and big tech companies may be tracking you all the time.

Guardian Firewall is an app that installs a special VPN on your device that blocks outbound traffic to known trackers. With it, advertisers and data collection services will not be able to use you as their products, nor will they be able to sell your personal data and usage habits. Guardian Firewall is also a VPN, and you get the added benefit of an encrypted internet connection, so not only can you block trackers; you can also block your data, preventing hackers from snooping on your activity when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Guardian Firewall is free to download from the App Store with a 30-day free trial. After the trial period expires, you can choose whether to subscribe or not based on your satisfaction.



Like most drawing and doodling apps, Charcoal offers a wide variety of tools to jot down your thoughts. Whether you need thin pencil lines or thick brush lines, this app has you covered. It also has a ruler, a knife blade and other tools to help you achieve the results you want.

Charcoal is a great app for entertaining kids or even creatives who like to sit and doodle with Apple Pencil in their spare time. It even offers built-in cloud sync to keep your content accessible from all your devices.

Charcoal is available for free from the App Store.


Because everyone has different tastes or needs when it comes to app selection, the above 10 iPhone and iPad apps may not necessarily be your favorite, you can provide all your feedback and other app suggestions in the comments section below, at For me, this will be a huge help!