4 best Mac and Windows browsers with built-in VPN

When you’re browsing the internet, you may encounter geo-locked content. If you need to access it, you have no choice but to launch a VPN that spoofs your location to where the content allows it.

However, you don’t have to use a third-party VPN in order to see these things. There are several browsers that have built-in VPN services that allow you to access websites without having to download another app. Browser VPNs can also improve your privacy and protection, especially when you visit a web page with security issues.

So, we’ve listed four of the best browsers with a built-in VPN:

1. Opera Browser


It is the oldest option on this list, founded in 1994 and put on sale in 1996. It first got built-in VPN features in 2016, included in Opera 38.

While the VPN is turned off by default, you can easily activate it through the Quick Settings menu. Once you activate it, you’ll see the VPN icon on the address bar. If it’s turned off, you’ll see the VPN outlined by a box, but if it’s turned on, you should see a blue box that says VPN.

You can turn on the VPN by default for instant safe browsing. You can even instruct Opera to bypass the VPN when using the default search engine or visiting intranet websites. It allows you to specify additional VPN bypass rules, so when you want to access trusted web pages, you don’t have to turn them off because those web pages can’t be used with the VPN turned on.

You also don’t need to create an account to use a VPN, which improves your privacy. In addition to that, it has some other interesting features, including a built-in ad blocker and a tracker blocker. But most importantly, Opera’s services are free and unlimited.

Opera browsers have one obvious drawback, though: you can’t set a specific country for a VPN. You can only choose from three general regions: the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

DownloadOpera Browser (Free)

2. Tor Project


Tor, which stands for Onion Router, aims to provide anonymous communications through a free global volunteer coverage network. This setup provides users with strong privacy as their data is routed to more than seven thousand available relays at least three times. To use this network, you need to install Tor Browser.

This browser is one of the most powerful options when it comes to privacy. This is because it uses multiple layers of encryption to protect its users’ data. In addition, it uses random routing, ensuring that it is nearly impossible to track the movement of data in the Tor network.

When you open Tor Browser, you must manually connect to the Tor Relay. If you’re in a place that Tor can’t access, you can also use Bridges, which allows you to connect to relays that aren’t listed. You can also use your VPN through Tor, although it requires some setup.

Tor Browser is popular with activists, journalists, whistleblowers, and anyone with serious privacy risks.

Download: Tor Browser (Free)

3. epic privacy browser


epic is a Chromium-based browser developed by Hidden Reflex that uses the same DNA as Google’s browser. This makes it a great Chrome alternative that makes it easy to switch browsers while maintaining the same feel and functionality.

Although its source code is not open source, and although it is based on the open-source chromium platform, Hidden Reflex claims that anyone can request and review it.

In the past, epic always turned on its built-in VPN and ad blockers. However, since they need to maintain operations, these features are now pre-installed as extensions and users must activate them manually. Still, they’re easy to open once and for all.

Another feature of this browser is its default Yahoo! Search engine. While some see it as a drawback, others see it as a feature.

epic allows you to select eight countries to connect to your VPN: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, India, and Singapore. If the page you want to load doesn’t work with an encrypted VPN, you can disable the site’s encrypted VPN and add it to your safe list.

If you want ultimate privacy, you can choose paid private search through epicsearch.in. You have to pay $2.50 per month for the service, but Epic assures you that your queries will remain private. That’s because they only forward your search to their third-party provider and nothing else.

Downloadepic privacy browser (Free)

4. Avast Secure Browser PRO


Popular antivirus provider Avast introduced this Chromium-based browser in 2018. It feels similar to other Chromium-based browsers, but adds some advanced features. Avast claims it can unblock any website and block all ads. You also get unlimited bandwidth, with over 30 locations to choose from, a browser on up to 5 devices, and direct support.

Once installed, you must download the Avast Secure Basic browser and register the Pro version on the Avast website. Although VPN services are not free, this browser offers the most options in terms of location. It’s also more affordable than getting a standalone VPN service from Avast.

Download: Avast Secure Browser (Free, 30-Day Free Trial for Pro Features)

Enhance your access and privacy with a browser VPN

VPNs are a great tool for protecting privacy and access. While it’s ideal if you’re installing a dedicated VPN service on your computer, it’s not always practical and may even cost you money. So, if you only need a short-term VPN, consider these built-in alternatives.