5 Best Visual Time Management Apps

Time management can be a difficult task. Treating events as ordinary boxes on a grid-like calendar can be a dull way of doing things, and it’s not for everyone. These apps provide an insightful view of your time management habits and bundle them with visual statistics so you can better understand how you spend your time.

1. Sectrograph


Sectograph is a daily planning software that uses the surface of a watch to schedule activities. The watch face display gives you an intuitive idea of the day ahead, dividing your tasks into areas on the clock face. Events are synchronized with your default calendar app, or you can choose to add tasks directly in the app.

The main screen always shows upcoming events in the next 12 hours, but you can adjust this perspective by dragging the red hour hand back and forth. This adaptive perspective (unlike the fixed display of mainstream calendar apps) can help expand your understanding of time. Breaks are also shown as areas between tasks, each numbered by its relative length.

You can add custom colors to events by tapping the three dots next to the tasks in the list at the bottom of the watch interface. Here you’ll also find options to hide or exclude events from your calendar.

Perhaps the most practical feature of the app is the widget tool. Here, you can display your schedule as a real-time display, while having the option to customize the widget’s functionality. By default, tapping on a task shows its length and the time it took to start – great for staying on track. In the Pro version, you can also modify the widget’s color palette.

Download: Sectograph for Android (Free, premium version available) | iOS ($2.99)

2. Time Planner: Schedule and Tasks


If you’re looking for different and innovative ways to view your daily activities and tasks, Time Planner: Schedule and Tasks has you covered. Through its various displays, you will gain a unique perspective on what needs to be done.

The best visual representation is seen in the Logging tab. Activities are displayed as bubbles, each of which has a circular timer. You can also add task bubbles that don’t have a defined length, such as Check Open Time.

The Schedule tab is the home page for all activities and tasks that have an assigned time range. To schedule an event, press the + button in the lower-left corner of the interface. A new task can be attached to the activity by tapping on the “Add Task” option, where you can mark its priority with three colored icons.

In addition to the main calendar interface on the Schedule tab, there is a section dedicated to tasks that do not have strict time zones, such as “morning” or “evening”. This can be found below the 24-hour schedule and can be resized with a simple pinch gesture. Activities with and without strict time frames in the same area are useful for analyzing things on one monitor without having to switch back and forth.

Download: Time Planner: Schedule and Tasks for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. blocos


blocos is a unique time management app that is available for Android and iOS that makes you value your time even more by dividing it into 10-minute chunks. Blocks appear as small colored circles, displayed as a grid in a vertically scrolling calendar.

Scheduling an event is simple – just click on the block that covers the time span of the task, select Assign Activity, and select or create your own from the list of activities.

In addition to being an effective scheduling tool, blocos can also serve as a retrospective calendar to reflect your time management habits. You can use the weekly display to view all 10-minute blocks of time for a week, which is helpful for identifying your unproductive technical habits.

If you have a recurring weekly schedule, using the template feature is a great time-saving tool. Here you can set a date as a model for the template, make any adjustments, and then apply it to any day to avoid manually filling in the circles every day.

Download: blocos for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Smarter Time – Time Management


Smarter Time is a smart app that monitors your phone usage to present a visual timeline of the apps you’re using and the activities you’re doing.

With Smarter Time, there’s no need to manually manage your time, it’s all done for you. The app automatically assigns apps to broad categories, such as “social,” and enters them into the Analytics tab to generate statistics. Smarter Time also collects activities such as walking and time spent in the car.

In the Analytics tab, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the time you’ve spent in the last day, week, or 30 days. Selecting a category displays a detailed column chart outlining your usage across all applications in that category. There’s also the weekly report feature, where you can drill down into your time habits with a color-coded donut chart showing the amount of time you spend in each category.

Download: Smarter Time for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Daily Planner With Calendar


This ultimate application uses a simple, elegant way to visually represent your time. Daily Planner With Calendar uses pie chart templates to organize your daily activities. Events are displayed as colored areas of a pie chart scaled relative to their length, giving you a clear picture of how many different tasks consume your time throughout the day.

There are over 100 colors to choose from when assigning new events, giving you the freedom to create unique charts for different days. If you prefer a consistent approach, you can also save any chart as a template.

Below the main chart is a list of super quick task creation suggestions pulled from your recent event history. You can drag any of these events directly onto the pie chart to paste them into a time period. The new events page also includes an add memo feature, which helps to write short notes attached to the pie chart display.

The app’s minimalist design helps make its visuals the center of attention. Each new day displays a blank pie chart, divided into 24 equal sections, labeled by the hour. In Daily Planner With Calendar, time management doesn’t need to be complicated – you can preview all your daily tasks in a clean interface.

Download: Daily Planner With Calendar for Android (Free, subscription available)

Use these time management apps to visually organize your day

Having a visual representation of your tasks and events can help you understand what’s most important and what requires the most energy from your day. Explore these apps to get a new and better perspective on how your time is spent.