5 online tools for recording screens for free

Most of us don’t need to record our screens very often. Usually, this is a one-off occasion where you need screen recording, not a consistent issue. So why download something that you’ve never heard of and can’t fully trust your computer just because it can sit, unused, and take up space.

Instead, there are plenty of free online screen recording tools available without any downloads. Here are five of the best for you to try.

1. FlexClip


If you are looking for a comprehensive all-in-one solution, FlexClip is a great online screen recording gadget.

Getting started with FlexClip is easy. All you have to do is tap the button in the middle of the screen and start recording. In this step, you can choose the audio recording you want to complete, if you want to do voiceover, you can choose your microphone, you can also choose your system audio, or none of them. If you have a problem with your microphone, then this could just be one of the many common microphone problems in Windows 10.

The actual recording process is also very simple. You can choose screens, windows, and even tabs, but the details may vary depending on your browser. Once you’ve chosen what you want to record, FlexClip will start doing so.

It’s worth noting here that sometimes a pop-up window will appear warning you that FlexClip is recording your screen. It’s just a handy reminder, but if you don’t choose to hide it, it will appear in your final recording.

FlexClip is limited to 10 minutes per record, which is sufficient for most use cases. However, if you need more time than this, you may need to record multiple times or consider other options in this checklist.

The great thing about FlexClip is that if you like it as it is, you can download your recording directly, but you can also edit it freely if you want. FlexClip is also a video editing program, and when you click Download, your recordings are loaded directly into the editor.

2. Kapwing


Next, we have Kapwing. If you want to make something that’s highly edited or up to professional standards, then Kapwing might be the option for you.

If you’ve never heard of Kapwing before, it’s a suite of online video editing tools that allows you to completely change and master online videos. Part of this includes the ability to record your screen and add it to the editing software.

Screen recording itself is harder to find than some of the other entries in this list because it is hidden in a side menu, but once found, it has a pretty impressive effect. You can choose whether you want to put your webcam here and what kind of audio you choose.

There is a 15-minute limit when recording, but once you’re happy with what you’ve recorded, the project is automatically added to the Kapwing editor.

It’s worth noting, however, that Kapwing will put a watermark on any video you make. You can circumvent this by paying a premium subscription fee, but doing so will make the tool no longer free to use.

3. Screen Recorder Online


If you’re looking for something a little more straightforward and a little less feature-rich, then Screen Recorder Online might just be the best fit for you. It is an easy tool to get started with, which makes it great if you need to just quickly record something for a couple of seconds and then go.

The options are relatively basic here and entirely contained to a single page. The basics are all here, though, such as the options to record your browser audio or microphone audio as you record. Your recording also appears in Screen Recorder Online as you record in real-time, which is a great way to quickly check that you’ve got the right tab or window.

What’s great about Screen Recorder Online is that there are no watermarks and no maximum recording durations. You can record as much as you need for as long as you need with no complications.

4. Movavi Free Online Screen Recorder


For those who need to record their screen and webcam at the same time, then Movavi’s free online screen recorder might be a good idea.

Actually, using this screen recorder is very simple. All you have to do is choose the option you want and start recording. The attraction here is that you can mix and match any option you want.

For example, if you want to record a speech, you will be able to record your microphone and webcam at the same time. Then the screen recorder will overwrite these things on your screen.

The downside here is that Movavi’s screen recording will put a watermark on top of anything you record. However, you can remove this watermark by purchasing a premium subscription.

5. VEED.IO Screen Recorder


Finally, we have VEED.IO. If you want to record a presentation for later use, or just want to have a slightly fuller feel to the interface, then VEED.IO Screen Recorder is a great tool to do just that.

VEED. IO has a lot to like. The interface feels good and very neat, and here are some options that other screen recorders don’t have. Most notably, VEED. IO supports slideshow or slideshow and camera modes, which allows you to upload a file, such as a PDF or PPT, for recording.

There are also options for annotations, themes, and backgrounds to add color to your presentation. VEED. IO also doesn’t start recording before you hit the button, which is a small thing that lets you make sure you’re ready before recording starts.

VEED. IO also comes with video editing options, which is definitely helpful if you’re going to do a big demo.

It is worth noting that VEED. IO has an advanced option to remove the watermark from your recordings, but it doesn’t seem to actually show the watermark unless you also edit the video. It’s unclear if this was intentional, but it’s equally worth considering.

You don’t need to download anything to record your screen

As you can see, there are plenty of options to record your screen for free without downloading some sketchy programs that you are not sure you trust. Each software has different features, but since they’re all free, there’s no reason not to give them a chance to see which one works best for you.