5 text, voice and video calling web apps that don’t require registration

Are you ready to stop signing up for a new account? By using a registration-free website, you will never need to open another account. You can also reduce privacy concerns by learning how to join video chats anonymously.

To start saving you time and privacy, try these video, text, and voice chat tools that don’t have registration requirements.

1. JumpChat


JumpChat offers the easiest way to make free video calls online without registration. On its homepage, simply click on the “Start Your JumpChat Now” button. As soon as you click on it, you will immediately enter the anonymous video chat.

Getting others on board is as easy as using hotkeys (Windows: Alt + I / Mac: Control + I) or clicking Add Users in the chat menu. You can choose to copy a link, use the QR code, or email your friends. Plus, JumpChat has no restrictions on how many people can join the chat.

In terms of features, JumpChat supports video chat, text chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. If you use ad-blocking, you may notice some issues when connecting. If so, you may need to disable your ad blocker during the call.

While chatting, JumpChat lets you share files conveniently. For those who are concerned about their privacy, you can specify which users to share with and skip those you don’t like. Then it’s as simple as choosing a file and having them accept the download.

To make it easier to bring a group together, JumpChat supports most major browsers. For desktop users, JumpChat officially runs on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. JumpChat also supports Chrome on Android and Safari on Firefox or iOS.

If you want to share your screen in your browser, JumpChat will let you pick from your browser’s default screen sharing options. If you feel they have limitations, try these free screen-sharing apps for Android and iPhone.

2. Chatzy


Chatzy feels like an old-fashioned chat room app, but with plenty of modern features. Its goal is to make it available to everyone, so it doesn’t use custom HTML or JavaScript code. Instead, you can type rich text, share pictures, and post playable video thumbnails.

Chatzy doesn’t rely on preset buttons, but relies heavily on manually typing things in a chat. If you’re willing to set up your chat room carefully, learn chat commands, and learn about their special features, you’ll have more control.

To protect your privacy, Chatzy assigns a unique ID number to each chat room. Unless anyone trying to break in can guess correctly between zero and a trillion, there’s a good chance you’ll keep your chat anonymous.

3. WebRoom


WebRoom offers a more in-depth option for those looking to host online videos for a class or conference. Up to 12 people can join an HD video call. While WebRoom does require you to enter your name and email address to set up a room, you don’t have to use work email (unless you want to receive a short summary email after the call).

However, WebRoom comes with only one condition when it offers its registration-free online video calls — it only gives you a 20-minute trial room. After 20 minutes, WebRoom will try to prompt you to create a trial account. However, you can simply recreate the room under another email and continue any chat if necessary.

After you enter your name and email, WebRoom continues to check and test your browser, and then generates a room for you. Each chat room is divided into three sections: Participants, Workspace, and Chat. Participants’ areas are mainly focused on controlling invitations, grouping users, switching audio/video, and sharing your screen.

Workspaces make up the majority because it allows you to share websites, PDF demos, YouTube links, embed videos, create whiteboards, upload files, or play MP3s.

For built-in whiteboards, WebRoom’s tools will meet the needs of most users.

With the Chat/Notes/Poll section, you can switch between the three by clicking on the Title tab. The Chat section shows text chats with timestamps, as well as emojis and two clickable autoresponders. Meanwhile, the notes section just lets you enter text.

The Poll section allows you to copy or create a new one from an existing poll. In terms of voting options, you can only enter text in the question bar, and up to five text responses. Once you’ve created a poll, you can turn it on, off, and publish it in order.

All in all, for a free service, the details of WebRoom are surprising. If you decide to sign up after using the time-limited WebRoom, there’s a 15-day free trial option. However, unless you’re particularly interested in the virtual classroom and supported management, a basic WebRoom experience should suffice.

4. Volafile


Volafile offers you the best option for a private minimalist. Not only can you get an anonymous text chat, but the creator can quickly manage the users and the chat room itself.

To stay anonymous, you start with an auto-generated username. If you don’t name your room, Volafile will also generate a name for it. For added privacy, you can set a password, or Volafile PRO users can change the URL.

Previously, Volafile let you share files with no more than 20GB each file size. The file can then last up to two days before it expires. However, the ability to upload to Volafile is currently disabled.

Once the file upload is restored, you can search for or filter the files through different categories, including videos, images, music, files, others, or archives. However, only room creators can delete files or time out to prohibit any misbehaving user. If someone needs to be banned, you can set a timeout of thirty minutes, two hours, or a full day.

Despite ostensibly being a more minimalist chat room, Volafile helps those who already appreciate the anonymity.

5. Messenger Rooms


Messenger Rooms isn’t completely registration-free. Because, the original room maker had to have a Facebook or Messenger account, even though they were the only ones. They can start a room from Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Portal devices.

Once the room is created, others don’t need any Facebook account to join the video chat, just enter a username and join the call. After that, you are free to use the room as a video or voice call whenever you wish.

If you have privacy concerns, you can always choose to join after someone else has activated a room. If you’re the creator of the room, you can also choose to allow only users you approve to join. However, once you enable this setting, they will need a Facebook or Messenger account to join.

Still, while Messenger Rooms offers a great online video call, there’s no sign-in option and some features are limited. For example, anonymous joiners cannot see text chats until they log in with their account; They can interact in “Watch Together”. If you join from your desktop, you can also choose to share your screen.

Skip the registration and go to the live chat

While many services will try to get you to sign up, it’s not always necessary to provide your information. There are plenty of ways to make free calls online without signing up while keeping your privacy.

Just ditch the account maker and take advantage of the instantly generated room. Without spending any money, you can have an online video call that is tailored to your needs.