7 must-have Safari extensions to boost productivity

Safari is the browser of choice for many Apple users because it improves the performance of their devices. However, compared to Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, Safari feels a bit naked in terms of features. Fortunately, third-party extensions can add a lot of functionality to your browser.

These extensions allow you to customize Safari, and the ones we’re looking at are powerful tools that can help you be more productive. You can use them to save time, automate tasks, and increase efficiency.

1. Notion Web Clipper


The notion is one of the best productivity apps for Mac, and it also has a browser extension called “Web Clipper.” It operates similarly to Safari’s reading list, but it saves web pages in Notion instead of the browser.

Once installed, you can click on the Notion icon (N) in the upper right corner, and a dialog will ask you for details of saving the web page. You can change the title, choose where you want to save it, and even create a new database for all your important links.

Once you’ve saved the link, you can launch Notion from the extension and view the page in the app. You can organize all your links from here and save them to a pre-existing folder. If you often use Notion for research and need to refer to different articles, this is a must-have tool.

Download: Notion Web Clipper (Free)

2. Master for YouTube


Google often likes to add and remove features, which was evident when the YouTube app was redesigned in 2022. The Master for Youtube Safari extension solves this problem by restoring certain features. For example, you can no longer sort videos by “oldest”, but this extension adds this option on the website.

It also hides videos and content in a better way, considering they’ll never appear on your homepage again. The extension also allows you to dim the background, enlarge the video player, block ads, and even hide comments. Another interesting feature is that it allows you to use the scroll wheel of your mouse to control the volume.

Download: Master for Youtube (Free)

3. Awesome Screenshot & Recorder


Awesome Screenshot & Recorder takes screenshots in macOS to the next level and helps you better manage your team. Not only does it let you take regular screenshots, it also lets you record your screen and optionally record yourself with your webcam.

The screenshots or screen recordings you take can be instantly uploaded to the cloud or saved locally on your Mac. You can also select the part of the screen you want to capture, take a screenshot of the entire screen, and access all the images/videos from the Safari extension itself.

Awesome Screenshot also has useful annotation tools that allow you to bulk edit multiple screenshots at once. You can view these screenshots and recordings through the extension and share them through third-party apps such as Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Download: Awesome Screenshot & Recorder (Free)

4. 1Password


1Password is a password manager that generates and stores all your passwords in one place. It works in almost all browsers, and you can even download it to your iPhone or iPad. You can sync your passwords on your device, making it easy to sign in no matter where you are.

In addition to storing and creating unique passwords, it also allows you to share logins with others, log in with Touch ID or Face ID, and enable two-factor authentication on accounts that support two-factor authentication.

In the event of a data leak, the extension will notify you if your information is compromised. 1Password will also add support for passwords soon. This is an excellent extension that integrates with the Safari browser and saves you a lot of time by auto-filling your login information on various websites.

Download: 1Password (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. DuckDuckGo Privacy


DuckDuckGo Privacy is probably the best Safari extension to protect your privacy and keep your online experience safe. This extension integrates with Safari on all Apple devices while keeping settings in sync.

It contains privacy and security tools that block cookies, track third-party requests, and remove unnecessary pop-ups from almost every website on the web. The extension’s simple interface will let you know if the connection is encrypted and if any trackers or third-party requests are found.

On top of that, the DuckDuckGo Privacy extension rates every website you visit, and you can click on the extension to see an explanation of this rating. It tells you if a website uses bad privacy practices and explains why it might not be safe for you. As a result, you can quickly exit websites that pose a threat to you, saving a lot of time.

The extension is also available for mobile versions of Safari on iPhones. Since the settings are synced across devices, you can be sure that you get the same functionality on every platform.

Download: DuckDuckGo Privacy (Free, subscription available)

6. Grammarly


Grammarly is a professional proofreading and spell-checking tool. It helps you monitor grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and cohesion. In addition to checking for simple typos, Grammarly often suggests reformulating sentences to improve readability. All of this makes editing content faster, saving you time spent proofreading, which in turn makes you more productive.

Another great feature is that if you double-click on a word, it can show you the definition and synonyms of that word. The extension has a premium version that can help you improve your vocabulary, detect plagiarism, and even cite sources when needed.

On top of that, while the premium features are great, the free tools are also enough to help you write better articles. Grammarly can also tell you what tone you’re writing in, and this feature is also free.

The tool works as an extension of the Safari browser and works with WordPress, Google Docs, and other online writing tools.

Download: Grammarly (Free, subscription available)

7. Instapaper Save


Instapaper is one of the best “Read Later” apps that allows you to save anything on the web and view it later. This could include podcasts, videos, or simple articles on the web, such as the one you’re reading right now. You can categorize anything you save into different folders, making it easy to compile several reading lists.

Instapaper works with Safari and other browsers, and can even be used on mobile devices. It’s a better alternative to Apple’s reading list, as you also get support for Android and Windows. The reading interface is simple and blocks any ads you see on traditional web pages.

This extension also provides a curated list of suggested readings based on your saved materials. It’s a great tool for those who spend a lot of time researching things online.

Download: Instapaper Save (Free, subscription available)

Turn Safari browser into a productive place with these extension tools

While Safari itself is a decent browser, using these extensions allows you to turn it into something more powerful. There’s no need to wait for Apple to add new features, as these extensions can do it on their own.

These extensions show us why software is important. As you can see, they help you collaborate with your team, capture screenshots, or organize your daily work in the form of digital to-dos.