7 Ways to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Issue

Generally speaking, most iPhones will barely last less than 24 hours on a single charge, and if your iPhone’s battery is draining too fast, you’ll have a hard time keeping it alive throughout the day. There are a few things you can do to improve your iPhone’s battery life, though.

Restart your iPhone

While there are many chronic problems that drain your battery regularly, sometimes your phone can start draining quickly unexpectedly. You may notice that your iPhone “runs hot”, it feels warmer to the touch, in which case the battery drains quickly within a few hours. If this is unusual behavior for your phone, restart your iPhone by turning it off, waiting a few minutes, and then turning it back on again. This clears the software glitch and returns to normal.

Check battery health

If your iPhone has been in use for more than a year or two, the battery may have aged noticeably. Even if you charge it all at once, the battery will struggle to last another day. If so, you can have Apple service your phone, and Apple can replace your battery and restore it to its best condition. To check the health of your iPhone’s battery, launch the Settings app and tap Battery. Click on Battery Health. If it reports less than peak performance (less than about 85% of maximum capacity), then it’s probably time for a battery replacement.

Your iPhone’s battery health page can tell you if your battery needs replacing.

Stop using power-intensive apps

You may not know it, some apps are very power-hungry, and frequent use of them can drain your battery quickly. To see which apps are consuming the most battery, launch the Settings app and tap Battery. Scroll down to the list of apps and you can see which apps drain your battery the fastest. And, you can use the tabs above the graph to view battery usage over the past 24 hours or over the past 10 days.

Use the battery settings to see how much power each app is using.

Update your apps

You don’t have to uninstall or stop using an app just because it’s consuming a lot of power. In some cases, apps may perform better if they are up to date. That said, apps that aren’t updated can be a reason to drain your battery quickly. To make sure the app is up to date, launch the App Store app, then tap the account icon in the upper right corner. If any apps need to be updated, click Update All in the Pending Updates section. .

Control screen brightness

A bright display can drain your iPhone battery quickly, so a good strategy is to keep the screen as dark as possible. First, pull down the control panel from the top-right corner of the screen, then drag the brightness slider down. You can also disable your iPhone’s ability to automatically adjust screen brightness based on ambient lighting, so you’re always in control. To do this, launch the Settings app and tap Display & Brightness. Then swipe the button to the left to turn off True Tone. Turning on dark mode in the Appearance section of the same screen can also improve battery life.

Disable Location Services in iPhone

Location services are convenient, but they can also drain your battery quickly. If you don’t need location services, consider turning them off. To control this feature, launch the Settings app and tap Privacy. Tap Location Services, then swipe the button to the left to disable the feature. Remember to return to this screen and enable location services if you want to use the feature in the future.

Disabling location services can save battery life.

Keep your phone face down, or use Do Not Disturb mode

When your phone is face-up, every notification wakes your phone and lights up the screen. If you get a lot of notifications, it can have a noticeable effect on the battery. Conversely, if you place the phone face down, your iPhone won’t wake up the screen when you receive a notification. Alternatively, you can put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode, which blocks most notifications – to do this, swipe down from the top of the screen to view the control panel, then tap “Focus” and select ” do not disturb”.

Turn on Do Not Disturb in Focus to keep your display from lighting up with notifications.

The above 7 methods can extend battery life to a certain extent, which will bring some help when your battery is about to run out and can’t be charged right away.