8 best exploration and handmade games

When people think of video games, the first thing that comes to mind for many is a high-intensity first-person shooter or a high-speed racing game. If you’re playing video games to relax and release tension, then these probably won’t help.

Fortunately, the game genre isn’t limited to adrenaline-filled games. Some games focus on exploration and discovery, while others focus on building and managing. If you think both tasks are easy, you’re in luck. That’s because we’ve listed eight of the best exploration and crafting games you can play. Check out the list below.

1. Astroneer


If you’re looking for a more casual gaming experience and simple graphics, but still want a lot to explore, you should check out Astroneer. The game throws you onto an Earth-like planet where you start with nothing but your habitat, a multifunctional tool, and a landing site.

While Astroneer’s gameplay is simple and easy to learn, it does take a while to master it. Whether you’re planning to take it easy or build a complete and huge base, you should bring a pen and paper with you.

2. Satisfactory


Satisfactory takes you back into space, where you are left on an unexplored planet. Your task is to gather resources, refine materials, and manufacture equipment for an extraterrestrial company called FICSIT. Your first major goal is to build a space elevator that will allow you to send back the machines your company needs.

When you set up your base, you’ll eventually find yourself with a huge factory. And, as you develop automation from extraction to refining to construction, you’ll soon find yourself with miles of conveyor belts – providing you with a satisfying factory.

3. Captain of Industry


In Captain of Industry, you are the captain of a cargo ship caught in an undisclosed global crisis. After finding shelter on an uninhabited island, you and your crew build infrastructure, mine resources, farm food, and create more advanced infrastructure. Once your island grows, you can set sail to find people and trade. Eventually, you’ll grow enough to launch a ship into outer space.

You play this early game from a top-down perspective, where you manage your island and develop it into a regional powerhouse. There is also a world map view where you can explore the rest of the world and find the necessary resources to further expand your island.

4. Rust


If you like to explore and build, but also want healthy battles, you should play Rust. This survival game will take you into a procedurally generated world where you have nothing on you but a stone and a torch – you don’t even have clothes. As you discover resources and unlock techniques, you can eventually build a small building and transform it into a sprawling base.

Although the game has many dangers, such as starvation and wildlife, your main threat is other players. The game encourages players to attack other players and their bases to steal devices. If you like battle royale games and survival, you should try Rust.

5. Don’t Starve Together


Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer extension of the single-player survival game Don’t Starve. In this game, you will enter another real-life 2D cartoon world. Whether you’re alone or with other players, you have to work hard to survive in the wilderness.

Explore your environment, find a suitable place to build and farm, and battle other creatures you encounter in the dark world of the Multiplayer Famine.

6. No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky takes you back into space to build bases from scratch on unknown planets. You can explore more than 18 unique planets of quintillion, so you’ll never run out of things to do and document.

The game also allows you to cross-play with three other players. So even if you’re on a PC and your other friends are on PlayStation and Xbox, you can still play together and explore the vast expanse of the Galaxy.

7. My Time at Sandrock


If you want to play easy and enjoyable exploration and making games, you should consider My Time at Sandrock. While it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, your town already has town dwellers with several buildings. The play environment is bright and airy, and you won’t feel alone in helping to rebuild your civilization.

If you want to build and explore in a relaxed and friendly place, this early access game is perfect.

8. Subnautica


While most other exploration and crafting games are set on land and space, this game is unique in that it is the only one set primarily in water. You’ll take control of Ryley Robinson, the only survivor of the crash of the Aurora spacecraft on planet 4546B.

In this game, you have to complete missions to advance the story. As you perform your mission, you’ll explore the vast ocean, collect resources, and build tools, vehicles, and bases. You will also interact with the numerous marine and terrestrial creatures of the planet, some of which are hostile.

If you want a unique genre of survival, exploration, and crafting, Subnautica is a game you won’t want to miss.

Start your own era of exploration

If you want to relax while playing the game, you should try these explorations and make games. You can take the time to play most of these games and play them as you see fit. Best of all, these exploration games have their form and style, ensuring that there is one for every taste in the game.

If you love space adventures, it’s Astroneer and No Man’s Sky. If you prefer a darker-toned game, you can opt for a multiplayer version of Famine; If you want an easier game, you can choose My Time at Sandrock. If you prefer to fight, Rust can, while Satisfactory and Captain Industry focus on managing your mega-production facility. Finally, if you like something different, Subnautica offers a unique underwater experience.

So, if you’re tired of speeding in racing games or getting shot in shooters, try to relax with any of these exploration and making games. And since these titles usually take a long time to complete (if any), you’re bound to love them for many years.