8 online tools to convert GIFs to JPG

As the two most commonly used image formats today, you may need to convert GIFs to JPG for some reason. The easiest way is to use an online file conversion tool.

Here, we will take a look at the eight best tools for converting GIFs to JPG. These tools enable you to easily convert files in just a few clicks.

1. Browserling


Browserling is essentially a tool for cross-browser testing. But there are several simple tools on its website for web developers to use. One of them is a GIF-JPG converter.

On the website, drag and drop GIFs or upload them from your device. Click the Convert to JPG button to convert and download the file immediately.

If you’re looking for a simple tool that does the job, Browserling is for you. The tool is free to use and won’t bother you with ads. But it can only convert the first frame of a GIF into a JPG picture.

2. Zamzar


The Zamzar file converter was launched in 2006 and supports more than 1200 formats. This also includes GIFs and JPG. You can upload your GIF from your computer or cloud account and it will instantly convert it to JPG. Zamzar provides a ZIP file with a separate JPG for each frame.

These files can be retained for 24 hours. In addition to downloading on the spot, you can ask it to email you the converted files.

For free users, the file size is limited to 50MB. But Zamzar has three paid plans that start at $9 per month. With these plans, you can increase file size, online conversion, and storage limits. It has a desktop application (for Windows and Mac) and an API for developers.

Since it is capable of converting files to hundreds of different formats, it is not surprising that Zamzar is also one of the best online video converters.

3. FreeConvert


FreeConvert is a file conversion tool that supports multiple formats including GIF and JPG. You can upload GIF files from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or via any URL. Once you click Convert to JPG, it will convert the uploaded files.

You can then download JPGs locally, save them to Google Drive/Dropbox, or share them via QR code. The downloaded ZIP file contains multiple JPG, one for each frame.

Best of all, it allows you to upload and convert multiple files together. Therefore, if you want to convert files in bulk, this is definitely a good choice. It also has some advanced options like resizing the converted image, compressing the output, automatically adjusting the orientation, and deleting metadata.

FreeConvert limits file size to 1GB, but it’s unlikely you’ll exceed that limit. To keep your files safe, it offers 256-bit encryption and deletes uploaded files after two hours.

4. Convertio


Convertio is one of the most famous online file conversion tools. Its large number of tools includes a GIF to JPG conversion tool.

You can add several GIFs together and make a conversion. After conversion, Convertio provides a ZIP file containing multiple JPG. The file was deleted after it was kept on Convertio for 24 hours. It also has a handy Chrome extension.

Convertio does not allow uploading files larger than 100MB. But you can upgrade to any of the three paid accounts to increase the file size limit. Subscriptions range from $10 per month to $26 per month.

5. Online-Convert.com


Among the other several tools, Online-Convert.com has a good tool for converting GIFs to JPG.

You can add a GIF from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL. It allows you to add multiple GIFs before conversion. Once the file is uploaded, click “Start” to start the conversion. The tool creates multiple JPG from one GIF.

But the benefit is that you can choose which JPGs to download. You can download them all as ZIP files or just choose one of them. Similarly, you can decide whether to download the JPG, upload it to the cloud, or share it via a URL.

This tool has various setting options. First, you can decide whether you want the best quality image or the smallest image. You can use the slider to set the mass between these two extremes.

In addition to these features, you can resize, crop, apply color filters, and specify the resolution of the output. Online-Convert.com have browser extensions (for Chrome and Firefox) and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

6. SodaPDF


SodaPDF offers dozens of file conversion and PDF tools that let you convert GIFs to JPG. It keeps your files safe and automatically deletes them from its servers after 24 hours.

The process is basically the same. It allows you to upload files from your device, Dropbox, or Google Drive. However, SodaPDF, like Bloomserling, only converts the first frame of a GIF to JPG, which can be a drawback, depending on your needs.

While converting files, ensures that the proportions, standards, and orientation of the image are maintained. SodaPDF has a desktop application. So, if you convert images frequently, it’s worth a try.

7. Ezgif.com


Ezgif.com is a tool for editing and creating GIFs. With it, you can also easily convert GIFs to JPG.

Ezgif.com allows uploading files from the device and via URL. But the maximum file size is 50 MB. Select the file, upload it, and Ezgif.com will open its editor. From here, you can crop, rotate, resize, and do more.

For transparent GIFs, you can specify the colors you want to add to the background. To convert, click Convert to JPG! It creates a JPG for each frame and displays a preview. You can download it separately or as a ZIP file.

8. CloudConvert


CloudConvert is an online file conversion tool that supports about 200 formats. Since its launch in 2012, it has converted more than 1 billion files.

Its feature-rich GIF to JPG tool is ideal for users with specific output requirements. You can specify the dimensions and stripe data of the conversion file. Similarly, you can choose the quality of the output in the range of 1-100.

Most importantly, CloudConvert lets you add an image watermark to the converted file. It offers 25 free conversions per day. In addition, you must purchase a subscription or one-time package.

Subscriptions and packages start at $8 but increase depending on conversion limits.

Convert images easily

Using your PC’s default image editing software to convert files can be a hassle. In this case, the online file conversion tool is very easy to use and can quickly convert any GIF to JPG. Most of them have a generous free plan that is more than enough for most users.