Apple’s classic Mac OS system is made into a web version that can be experienced for free

Apple’s Mac OS (now written macOS) is also old, but some friends who are almost only exposed to Windows, may not have experienced it so far. A few days ago, software engineer Mihai Parparita based on the Basilisk II web simulator, the classic Mac OS 7 (System 7), and Mac OS 8 in the form of web tags. If you’re curious about the early Apple desktop system or a nostalgic one, give it a try.

Once the page is opened, there are some basic how-to tips.

In fact, the web-based MacOS, Windows, and DOS simulation is not the first time, but Parparita’s work this time has the advantages of long-term storage, file transfer, low CPU occupation, etc., and has been favored by foreign fans.

However, it is a little regrettable that due to the old version of the system, even if you have an ultra-widescreen display on hand, you cannot be full screen, and you can only be limited to a fixed area similar to CRT.

According to the data, Mac OS 7 was released in 1991, when innovations included personal file sharing functions, QuickTime players, etc., and MacOS 8 was born in 1997.