CalcKit – a super powerful multifunctional calculator

CalcKit is a powerful collection of all-in-one calculators on Android. The software features an intuitive and eye-catching design that makes CalcKit stand out from its competitors. In your daily life, no matter what profession you are engaged in, you may need such an all-in-one calculator, because in addition to simple calculation functions, it can actually do a lot more!


1. Electronics, unit conversion, and financial calculations can be carried out;

2. Simple operation, support multi-country language conversion, and apply a wider range.

3. You can set the small window to make your calculation more convenient;

4. Powerful calculation functions, such as right triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, etc. in geometry;


1. Mathematical expressions support input forms

2. Instant results

3. Integrated search

4. Integrated notebook

5. Support 160 currencies of currency exchange, can be used offline

6. Create custom tools with up to 25 variables

7. More than 150 calculators and unit converters

8. Highly customized Scientific & RPN (Inverse Polish Notation) calculator

9. add shortcuts to your home screen for quick access

10. Fully editable calculator history

11. Day & Night Calculator theme

12. Float calculator widget

I have had this app installed on my phone and tablet (both Android) for years. It has every type of commonly used calculations, conversions, and measurements, and many uncommon types too. You can customize how quickly you can access any number of its features making it versatile as well. Basically, it’s got EVERYTHING a good app should be for those of us who are mathematically challenged.


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