Easy Cat Timer-simple and cute desktop countdown tool

Easy Cat Timer is a super cute desktop countdown software, this is a very simple software, it has only one function, which is “countdown”.

Introduction of Easy Cat Timer:

1. You only need to enter a number and click the [Start] button to count down easily!

2. Can be busy with other things. When the time is up, the software will send a notification.

3. The operation is simple and fast, suitable for all kinds of users.

4. The software is green and safe and non-toxic.

Software features:

1. Very simple (only countdown function)

2. Very cute

3. Support 2 languages (English, Chinese)

4. There are detailed Chinese notes

5. Support mobile terminal


Easy Cat Timer allows you to better arrange your own time. In addition, there are 2 cute kittens on the software. With it, you can work and rest better!