FP Sleep-Sleep Decompression Assistant

FP Sleep is a software that focuses on meditation. This is a very rare software in the App Store. It is completely free, without ads, and rich in content. It is very useful in the user experience. Well, it can be said to be the best software you can choose among similar software.

FP Sleep software introduction

FP Sleep is a natural sound with nearly 200 segments (maybe more, the number is not clear). It supports iPhone to sleep, decompression, meditation, and white noise applications. It is free and has no ads. The developer claims to use love to generate electricity.

Software features

*Professional meditation

anxiety? Insomnia? anger? The mind and body need to be re-adjusted, and this can be achieved by guiding the mind in meditation. We believe that taking a few minutes a day to take care of your feelings and relaxation is as important as regular exercise. Let us be your meditation guide for relaxation and peaceful sleep. By cultivating this simple habit, you can better face the ups and downs of life. Reduce your stress and get better quality sleep.

*No ads, no registration required

Advertising and tedious registration are the opposite of a relaxing and calm user experience, and this is not what we want you to experience. We only provide a clean interface to ensure you can have a comfortable experience.

*Various sleep stories

When you are not very sleepy, sleep stories are the best way to help you sleep. By listening to sleep stories suitable for adults, relive the comfortable nostalgia of bedtime stories, and help you gradually fall asleep.

* Soothing sleep music

The sound of sleep music helps your body fall asleep safely, or block unnecessary noises, and go to sleep faster. The music of FP Sleep loops automatically and closes after the scheduled time, so there is no need to worry.

* Soundscape of nature

Hand-selected high-quality natural sound scenes will give you a relaxing experience. You can mix various sounds to get the relaxing atmosphere you want. FP Sleep is suitable for various scenarios such as relaxation, learning, reading, and sleep.

Why choose FP Sleep

-No registration. 100% free

-Themed light music, rich sleep story, and natural soundscape

-Very suitable for beginners to learn and practice

-It only takes a few minutes a day

-Can be used even when there is no network

-We integrate with HealthKit to synchronize mindfulness data to health App display


The FPSleep app is recommended by top sleep experts and neuropsychologists. It is software that can improve your sleep quality. FPSleep meditation and decompression sleep can bring more sleep aid services. You can choose from a variety of different service methods. A professional sleep expert guides high-quality sleep programs to bring you a better sleep experience. If you want more different meditation white noise to help sleep, come to FPSleep to experience it.


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