Hackers use the Beeple Discord server to squeeze money out of their wallets

Beeple Discord servers have been hacked and they want to exhaust the wallet with the infected URL.

Beeple Discord members are at risk of having their wallets hacked

On October 3, 2022, popular NFT artist Beeple tweeted to his 700,000 followers that a dangerous Discord scam had affected members of Beeple’s servers. The artist said the URL to Beeple’s servers was compromised, so users were redirected to a fraudulent page capable of draining the wallet.

In the same tweet, Beeple criticized Discord, ironically thanking the platform for being “rubbish.”

Beeple’s Discord server is designed to benefit those who collect his NFTs. To join the server, users would have to verify ownership of the NFT in their wallets, a step that the attackers are now exploiting. When a user authenticates and connects to their wallet through a malicious page, its NFT is sucked away.

The hack of the Beeple server discovered by the NFT collector


This dangerous vulnerability appears to have been first discovered by Twitter users and NFT collector @maxnaut. Just an hour before Beeple warned his followers of the attack, @maxnaut tweeted that their 2020 EVERYDAYS NFT series contained a link to a wallet spree page.

In their tweet, @maxnaut included a screenshot of a link shared in the Discord chat that appeared to point to a fake CollabLand page. It is not yet known if anyone has become a victim of this scam, although it poses a huge risk to collectors.

Beeple collectors were targeted

This dangerous scam isn’t the first time it’s been used against Beeple fans. In May 2022, Beeple’s Twitter account was hacked and exploited in a phishing attack that resulted in the theft of more than $400,000 in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

The hack, which lasted about five hours, gave the attackers enough time to scam users with malicious links. During the hack, two separate links were posted on Twitter, each pointing to a page designed to exhaust the Ether and NFTs in the victim’s MetaMask wallet.

Cybercriminals continue to exploit cryptocurrency and NFT holders

Today, cybercrime is widespread in the cryptocurrency and NFT industries, which is worrying. Hackers have devised ways through which they can swindle victims’ funds, and billions of dollars worth of digital assets have been stolen. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your NFT and cryptocurrency funds in every possible way and keep them up to date with new scams in the industry.