How to add a password to your Kindle to improve security

One of the biggest benefits of reading on the Kindle is that you can have a lot of privacy. You can make sure to hide your reading selections instead of letting anyone passing by see your cover.

Setting a password on your device can add an extra layer of security. This way, you can rest assured that no one but you can enter your library.

What is a Kindle password?

Amazon allows you to implement a password on your Kindle, which is a string of numbers whose function is a password. No one can open your Kindle and see what you’ve been reading unless you know the password.

Admittedly, most Kindles don’t exactly own state secrets or even the kind of personal data that needs to be protected by a cell phone or computer. But if you have a nosy family member, or if you lose your Kindle on the train and don’t want any random stranger to be able to open it, the password prevents that from happening.

How to set a password on your Kindle

Setting up a password on the Kindle is as simple as just a few taps. Here’s what you need to do:

Swipe down from the top of the kindle’s home screen (where your library is located). This opens a settings menu that gives you quick access to basic features, such as enabling dark mode on the Kindle or using warm light on the screen.



Now click on All Settings. You’ll get a long list of options, and from that point on, choose the device option. Here, you can do a bunch of things to improve your Kindle reading experience, like viewing device information or making the cover of your recent book a screensaver.

Tap Device password. You will be asked to set a numeric passcode, up to 12 digits, which will lock your Kindle. Enter any number you want and confirm your password by entering it again. Once you’re done, click OK.



Now, every time you want to unlock or open your Kindle, you’ll have to enter your password to get in. If you don’t like using a password, you can easily turn it off again by repeating the same steps.

Don’t forget your password

You can’t reset your Kindle’s password, and if you forget, you’ll have to reset your Kindle and restore it to factory settings, which would be very deplorable if you had many manually uploaded eBooks because they won’t automatically reappear. Therefore, make sure that you should remember and store your passwords properly.