How to attach photos and other files to an email message on iPhone

Your iPhone’s mail app can easily add photos, videos, and other file types as attachments to your emails.

When you choose to attach a photo or video, Mail opens your iPhone’s default Photos app, allowing you to add your project. For other file types, the message opens iCloud Drive, where you can select and attach your file. You can also choose another cloud storage provider to attach your files.

Next, we’re going to show you how to add files from various sources to your messages with a few clicks on your iPhone.

Attach a Photo or Other File to Your Emails in Mail on iPhone

1.  To start the attachment process, first, launch Mail on your iPhone. Then, in Mail’s bottom-right corner, tap the pencil icon to compose a new email.


2.  You’ll see a “New Message” page. Here, tap the “To” field and enter the recipient’s email address. Tap “Subject” and enter a subject for your email.


3.  To attach a photo or video to this email, click anywhere in the email body (large text area). Then in the menu that opens, select Insert Photo or Video.


4.  Mail will open your iPhone’s Photos app where you can select the photo or video you want to add to your email. Make a selection, and when your item opens in full screen, tap “Choose” at the bottom-right corner.


5.  Back on the “New info” page, you’ll see the photo or video you selected attached to your email.


6.  To attach another file type, then tap and hold on to the email body and choose “Add Attachment.”


7.  Your “iCloud Drive” page will open where you can select a file to add to your email.


8.  To use another cloud storage, then in the upper left corner, click Location. Choose your cloud storage to pick your files.


9.  Your files are now attached to your email, and you may send out your email as usual. The recipient will get your email with your attached content. You’re all set.