How to backup your computer games?(GameSaveManager can do)

Whether you want to change to a new computer, reinstall the system, or have a problem with your hard drive, this may cause trouble for your game. At this time, you need to back up your game.

The good news is that quite a few games support saving, such as synchronizing games via the cloud, but many games, especially old games, do not. All, you learn that you need to back it up yourself.

Check if cloud sync is available

The most ideal backup method is to use cloud synchronization. If the game synchronizes its saved files with the cloud service, it will handle the backup and restore process by itself. Unless something goes wrong, the game will automatically back up your game to the cloud and restore it to another computer.

If you are using steam, click the “list view” icon in the upper right corner and look for the cloud icon. Games adjacent to the cloud icon use the steam cloud to synchronize their saves, while games without the cloud icon are not synchronized.

Automatic backup game saves

GameSaveManager is a free program that contains a database of games and their save locations. It can look for installed games and their associated saves, and then display them in the list. With a simple operation, you can select the game you care about and back it up to a file. This file can be restored on another computer with GameSaveManager to put all saved games back to the correct location.

If GameSaveManager is what you need, then here is how to use it:

Install GameSaveManager first, and then click the MakeaBackup option. You will be able to select the games to be backed up.

To prevent the game from being lost due to unknown errors. You can use GameSaveManager to make a simple backup of these games in advance. GameSaveManager will store these files in the cloud storage folder, so you don’t need to worry anymore.

Link game saves to the cloud

Games that are not synced to the cloud are always stored in a specific folder. With a symbolic link, you can place your game folder in cloud storage. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and SkyDrive are all well-known and easy-to-use options.

You can create a symbolic link on Windows to achieve this. At the same time, GameSaveManager also has a tool that can quickly complete this operation for you. Just click the sync and link option, and choose to save the game to the folder you want to store in your cloud storage.

If you are using Steam, you can also back up your Steam folder stored in the program file folder by default-and move it to a new computer. All your steam games will appear, so you don’t have to download them again.