How to browse Reddit anonymously

Do you want to browse Reddit in a way that doesn’t involve apps tracking your browsing? Of course no problem! Next, we’ll show you how to browse Reddit anonymously.

Keep in mind that when you browse anonymously, some features of the site may not be available. But most of the time, you should be able to use most of the features of the site, and no one knows who you are.

How Reddit’s anonymous browsing works


When you browse Reddit anonymously, your activity is not associated with your account. Your username won’t be associated with anything you do while browsing anonymously. It’s like having a separate account that no one knows. Anything you do while browsing anonymously will stay under the hood and will be deleted once you resume normal browsing.

When you’re in anonymous browsing mode, Reddit also doesn’t save your search and browsing history. This means that your browsing is completely private and will not be used to personalize your experience on the site.

Anonymous browsing is read-only, which means you can’t do anything that requires an account. This includes voting, posting, or commenting. However, you can still see everything on Reddit.

How to turn on anonymous browsing mode on the Reddit Android app

If you want to browse Reddit anonymously on your Android device, you can turn on Anonymous Browsing mode in the app.

To do this, follow these steps:



1.  Open the Reddit app on your device.

2.  Tap on your avatar to open the Account menu.

3.  Click the down arrow that matches your username.

4.  Select Browse Anonymously from the menu.

Here you can browse Reddit as usual, and your activity will not be associated with your account. When you’ve finished browsing anonymously, simply try to perform an action that requires an account, such as voting or posting, and you’ll be prompted to “leave anonymous browsing.”

How to browse Reddit anonymously on Google Chrome?

If you want to browse Reddit anonymously on your desktop, the easiest way is to use incognito mode in your browser, as there is no anonymous browsing feature on your desktop yet.


To browse Reddit in incognito mode, simply follow these steps:

1.  Open your browser and click on the three dots in the top right corner.

2.  From the drop-down menu, click New Incognito Window.

3.  Do not log in to your Reddit account. Instead, browse the site without logging in.

When you’re done browsing anonymously, close the hidden window or tab and you’ll be back in regular browsing mode. Stealth mode has its limitations, but it’s currently the best way to browse Reddit more anonymously on the desktop. This is because it can block cookies and downloads from third parties. By not logging in, you are also preventing Reddit’s first-party tracking cookies and Google browsing history from being associated with your account.

Why browse Reddit anonymously?

You might want to browse Reddit anonymously for several reasons. Maybe you’re worried that your activity is being tracked, or maybe you just don’t want to be bombarded with targeted ads. Whatever the case, browsing Reddit anonymously is a great way to keep your activities private.

Another benefit of anonymous browsing is that it allows you to view content that might have been missed by your regular account. That’s because Reddit doesn’t personalize content for you based on your campaign.

It’s also convenient to browse anonymously when you’re researching a particular topic and don’t want your activity to affect your future content. Finally, if you’re barred from a subsection, you can use anonymous browsing to view the content of that subsection.

Browse Reddit discreetly

Now that you know how to browse Reddit anonymously, you can do so without any worries.

Be sure to take advantage of the benefits offered by anonymous browsings, such as the ability to view content hidden in your normal account. If you don’t want your activity to be tracked, just turn on anonymous browsing mode when you want to browse privately.