How to check laptop battery loss and health on Windows 11

Do you care about the battery loss or battery health of the notebook? For users who have upgraded to Windows 11, in fact, there is no need to use the third-party tool software, the system natively has a battery health monitoring function, but the entrance is hidden.

How to check your battery drain and health

1. Start – search cmd, right-click to run in administrator mode;

2. Enter the following command:

powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:battery_report.html”


3. Open the C drive, the web file named battery_report.html will appear in the root directory, double click to open.


4. Under the “installed battery”, the design capacity and current actual capacity of the lithium battery equipped with the notebook will be given, and the number of cycles at the bottom will be given.


5. If you are interested, you can also view the changes in the actual capacity of the battery through the “battery capacity” history and change the charging and discharging habits. In addition, there are battery power usage records for the last three days, battery life estimates, etc.





It’s that simple, I think you’ve learned.