How to connect AirPods to your Android device

Apple AirPods are not limited to Apple products, you can also use your AirPods with your Android phone. There are some limitations, though, and in addition to showing you how to pair AirPods with Android devices, we’ll outline some of the limitations.

Can AirPods be used on Android?

Of course, Apple AirPods work fine on any Android phone or tablet because they’re still standard Bluetooth wireless headphones. As long as the devices support Bluetooth, you can even connect them to non-Android devices.

On Android, you can listen to music with AirPods or make calls with the built-in microphone. The only downside is that you can’t control some of the features of AirPods.

For example, you can’t check the battery level of your AirPods from your Android phone (although there’s a paid app on the Play Store that can help you do just that). You also can’t change the function of double-clicking AirPods on your phone. These features can only be customized through Apple products.

How to pair AirPods with Android phones

To pair AirPods with an Android phone, you must first put the AirPods in discovery mode so that your phone can detect them. Here’s how:

1.  First, put your AirPods in the charging case. Keep the lid of the box open. Then, on the back of the charging case, press and hold the settings button.


The light on your charging case will flash white, which indicates that your AirPods are ready to pair.


2. Next, launch Settings on your phone and navigate to Bluetooth and Bluetooth > device connection. The exact path may vary depending on your phone model.


Make sure the top toggle button is enabled. Then click on the “Pair new device” option.


3. Wait for your phone to detect and list your AirPods in “Available Devices”. Then select your AirPods from the list.


4. Tap “Pair” in the prompts to connect your phone to your AirPods.


5. Now, your phone is connected to your AirPods.


Enjoy using AirPods on your Android phone

Connecting with your Android phone via AirPods, you can now play music, make calls, record voice, and do almost anything that requires a speaker or microphone. Again, it’s important to note that if you want to change some of the features of AirPods, you’ll need an Apple device.