How to connect multiple Bluetooth audio devices on Windows

It’s easy to connect multiple wired headphones on Windows – all you need is an audio cable splitter. But how do you connect multiple Bluetooth headsets or speakers at the same time?

Next, we’ll explore various ways to connect multiple Bluetooth audio devices on Windows.

1. Use a Windows device with Bluetooth 5.0 or later

What’s the first thing to do before searching for “How to connect two Bluetooth headsets to a laptop” or “How to connect multiple Bluetooth headsets to a laptop”?

Quite simply, you need to make sure your device supports the pairing of multiple Bluetooth devices! Because this feature is only available on devices with Bluetooth 5. This is because this feature is only available for devices with Bluetooth 5.0 or later.

Wondering how you can check if your device supports this feature? All you need to do is check the Bluetooth version of your device by following these steps.

1.  Press and hold Win + X and select Device Manager from the options.

2.  Double-click the Bluetooth option to expand it.

3.  Right-click on your device’s Bluetooth adapter and click Properties.

4.  Navigate to the Advanced tab and take a look at the LMP values.


If the LMP value is 9, then your device has Bluetooth 5.0. Any LMP value below 9 means you have an older version of Bluetooth. In this case, your device will not support connecting multiple Bluetooth audio devices.

2. Use the manufacturer’s app


Speaker manufacturers (like BOSE) provide apps that allow you to connect multiple Bluetooth audio devices. If your speaker’s manufacturer has an app, it might just come in handy and make your life easier.

However, not all speakers offer this sort of privilege. Also, most of these apps (like the BOSE Connect app) are only supported on Android and Apple devices. So, you might have to do some research to find an app that’s compatible with your Windows device.

However, if you don’t like using apps, the other solutions in this article should help.

3. Use Bluetooth devices that can be paired with each other

Want to know more about tips on how to connect two Bluetooth headsets to your computer? We will now explore the steps to connect your device to Windows.

Start by checking that the Bluetooth audio devices you’re using can pair with each other. In most cases, this may mean using the same model or brand of device. To confirm this, you may need to check the specifications of your Bluetooth audio device.

If your devices can pair with each other, here’s how you can connect them to Windows at the same time:

1. Navigate to the Win Start menu > computer settings> devices> Bluetooth and other devices.

2. Open the Bluetooth button in the middle pane. From there, press the pairing button on the first speaker.


Next, tap on the Add Bluetooth or other device button on Windows and select the Bluetooth option.

Your device should start searching for available Bluetooth devices. When the process is complete, tap on the audio device you want to connect. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

When you’re done, follow the previous steps to pair with another speaker.

4. Configure settings for your Bluetooth device

Want to know the extra tips on how to connect 2 Bluetooth headsets to your laptop or desktop? Let’s explore one more option.

Here’s what you might encounter: You already have the right Bluetooth audio device, and your PC has Bluetooth 5.0 or later. However, you’re struggling to connect your multiple Bluetooth devices.

How do you solve this kind of problem? The best solution is to configure the sound settings to make sure everything is working properly.

So, let’s take a look at the settings you can adjust:

1. Enter Control Panel in the Windows search bar and select Best Bet.

2. Click the drop-down menu to view and select the large icon.

3. Select Sound from the Control Panel menu item.


In the next window, navigate to the Recordings tab. There, follow these steps.

1. Right-click on one of your Bluetooth devices and select Properties.

2. Navigate to the Listen tab.

3. Tick the “Listen to this device” box.

4. Click the drop-down menu played through this device and select one of your Bluetooth devices. Click Apply, tap OK and then restart your PC.


Easily connect all your Bluetooth headsets to Windows

Connecting multiple Bluetooth headsets may seem like an impossible task. However, if you use the tricks we have introduced, you should connect your device like an expert. Now you can go ahead and enjoy movies with your friends using your multiple Bluetooth headsets.