How to delete or recover files from Google Drive

Sometimes, you may accidentally delete some files from your Google Drive account, or you may have to delete existing data from Google Drive to free up storage space. In fact, Google Drive allows you to delete files temporarily or permanently and restore them when you accidentally delete them.

Next, let’s take a look at how this is done.

How to delete files from Google Drive

1.  Sign in to your Google Drive account.

2. Select the file you wish to delete.

3. Right-click on the selected file and select Remove.


By following the above steps, you will delete the file from your library that moves it to Google Drive’s Bin. It stays there for a month before Google Drive permanently deletes it.

It is necessary to manually delete files from the Bin when you wish to permanently remove them instantly, instead of waiting for them to be automatically deleted after a month. The method is as follows.

1.  In the left-sidebar, click the Bin option.

2.  From the Bin, select the files you want to delete permanently.

3.  Right-click on the file and select Delete forever.

How to Restore Deleted Files in Google Drive

In the same way that you permanently delete files, you can also recover deleted files from Google Drive’s Bin. All you have to do is right-click on the file and select Recover. Note that the Bin folder is named Trash in some Google Drive accounts.

Similarly, you can follow the steps above to bulk delete or bulk recover files from Google Drive. The only difference is that you have to select all the files beforehand by holding down CTRL and clicking on each file to select it.

Given the flexibility of sharing documents and the other features that come with Google Drive, it can be your go-to collaboration platform.

Quickly delete or recover files from Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to delete or recover files individually or in bulk. The ability to recover deleted files is limited to 30 days from the date of deletion. After that, the files will be permanently deleted from the Bin. Please remember to double-check the contents of the Bin before it is permanently deleted.