How to detect if your PC is capable of running a new game(SPECY can do it)

The endless stream of new games keeps you entertained, but you may also encounter annoyances at times, especially when your new game isn’t working well on your computer!

The good news is that you don’t have to upgrade your computer hardware as often as you used to. Even a gaming-specific PC from a few years ago should be able to handle the latest games well. Perhaps, updating your graphics card will solve most of the problems.

graphics card

Graphics can be a big problem if your computer uses an integrated Intel graphics card instead of a gaming-specific NVIDIA or AMD graphics card.

Most non-gaming-specific laptops use Intel’s integrated graphics, which is cheaper and consumes less power. Many desktop PCs also use Intel’s integrated graphics to reduce costs.

Intel’s graphics performance has improved over the years, but it’s not enough when it comes to gaming. Even the latest Intel graphics are much slower than NVIDIA or AMD’s dedicated graphics. If you only have Intel graphics, then, unfortunately, you may not be able to play the latest games, even in the lowest configuration.

Check your PC manually

Let’s start by manually checking our computers. You need to understand the hardware in your computer —mainly its CPU speed, the amount of RAM, and the graphics card details.

The easiest way to find all these details is to use a system information tool. We recommend the free version of SPECY, which is produced by the same company that developed CCleaner. Download and install VISION, then launch it.

The home screen shows what you need to know:

CPU type and speed, in GHz.

The amount of memory, in GB.

Your computer’s graphics card models and the amount of memory, graphics card, etc.

Next, take a look at the system requirements for the game you want to run. Usually, the configuration required by the game is marked on the game website.

Compare the information displayed in VISION with the details listed in the game. Pay special attention to processor, memory, and graphics card requirements. Once you are able to remember the basic hardware that your computer contains, it becomes very easy to check the system requirements.

Once you’ve done your testing, you should be able to decide whether to buy a new game or upgrade your PC!