How to display an emoji or symbol in your iPhone status bar

iPhone offers several modes to choose from: Focus mode lets you turn off alerts and notifications so you can focus on other tasks. There is also a focus mode, which displays an icon in the top status bar and on the lock screen. You can customize this icon with one of 38 symbols, such as smile emoji, book, graduation hat, home, train, fire, light bulb, sunset, heart, star, guitar, and more.

Next, let’s take a look at how to display emojis at the top of the iPhone screen:

How to customize the corners of your iPhone screen with emojis or symbols

1.  Open iPhone Settings and tap Focus.

2.  Tap the plus icon (+) to create a new Focus.

3.  Tap Custom.

4.  Give any name you like. Next, choose the emoji or symbol you want to display.

5.  Next, select a color. The iPhone status bar will not show any color, and the symbol will appear black and white. But the color you set will appear in the symbol on the Lock Screen. I’ll go with red and tap Next.

6.  Since the goal of this Focus isn’t to restrict calls and notifications but only to display an emoji in your iPhone’s status bar, make sure you tap Calls From and choose Everyone. If you like, you can tap Add Person (+) and choose only selected people. I’ll go with calls from everyone and tap Allow.

7.  Tap Add App (+) and check all apps or the ones whose notifications are important for you. Tap Allow when done.

8.  Your Focus is ready. Tap Done to save it.

9.  Finally, enable the toggle for this Focus to show the symbol in the screen’s top left corner and the Lock Screen.

What should I do if the focus icon doesn’t appear normally in the status bar?

The notch takes up a substantial portion of the status bar on iPhones with Face ID. And when you have chosen to show the location icon, the Focus symbol won’t appear all the time. Here’s how to fix this:

1.  Open iPhone Settings and tap Privacy.

2.  Tap Location Services.

3.  From the bottom, tap System Services.

4.  Scroll to the end and toggle off Status Bar Icon.

At this point, the Focus emoji will appear in the iPhone status bar.

How to change the focus icon

1.  Open iPhone Settings and tap Focus.

2.  Tap the Focus mode name.

3.  Tap Name & Appearance.

4.  Choose any different symbol or emoji and tap Done.

How to stop displaying emojis in the iPhone status bar

If you feel like you no longer need to use emojis, you can turn it off:

1.  Tap the icon on the Lock Screen and tap the Focus name to turn it off.

2.  Open the iPhone Control Center and tap the Focus icon.

3.  Go to iPhone Settings > Focus > Focus name and turn it off.  From here, you can also tap Delete Focus to remove it permanently.