How to easily port all programs in Kali to Debian and Ubuntu using Katoolin3

Katoolin3 is a powerful tool that helps researchers easily port various tools from Kali Linux to Linux operating systems such as Debian and Ubuntu.

The tool is based on Python 3 and offers the following features:

1. Code package update: Katoolin3 will automatically update its tool list China’s code package to the latest version.

2. Code package list update: Katoolin3 will automatically detect unavailable code bases and remove them from the list.

3. Support code package removal: Allow users to freely delete code packages installed by Katoolin3.

4. The upgrade does not affect the stability of the system: Katoolin3 will only update the code package version during its operation.

5. Make better use of the APT ecosystem.

6. Maintaining Kali tools will be easier and easier.

7. More concise code: Katoolin3’s code is greatly improved in readability and is easy to maintain.

In fact, installing the same code package on different operating systems carries certain risks and may affect system stability. Thus, Katoolin3 came into being. However, it is better for us to choose the tools we need when installing them, rather than installing all the Kali tools directly.

Tool requirements

APT acts as a package manager

Python >= 3.5

Root permissions



Tool installation

You can use the following command to clone the project source code to the local, after providing executable permissions to the installation script, you can directly complete the installation of Katoolin3 through the installation script:

git clone;

cd katoolin3;

chmod +x ./;

sudo ./;

If you receive the prompt “Please install the python3-apt package”, make sure that the local environment is installed and configured with the Python 3 environment required for Python3-apt. On many distribution operating systems, python3-apt only supports Python 3.7. Katoolin3 supports both Python 3.5 and Python 3.7.

Tool usage

The program execution process of Katoolin3 is achieved by providing a list of options from which we can choose:

0) …

1) …

2) …

Install the tool

To install the package, enter the appropriate number. To install multiple packages at the same time, specify a range (e.g. 3-5), a list (e.g. 1, 2, 3) or combine them (e.g. 1, 2, 5-7, 9), we can also install all the packages at once.

Uninstall the tool

Similar to the installation tool, except that we have to add a “~” before selecting an option, we can also uninstall all the code packages at once.

Search tools

atoolin3 supports direct search of code package caches. For example, if you want to install some tools related to SQL injection, you can go to the search menu and search for “sql injection”. If you want to know the specific information of a package, just enter the package name in the same search menu.

Update the tool

chmod +x ./;

sudo ./;

Uninstall Katoolin3

chmod +x ./;

sudo ./;

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