How to invite friends to follow you on Instagram

The growth of Instagram has led many people to join the app and gain followers. Users now want more followers to expand their social circle and gain recognition. It may seem strange, but there are still some people who don’t use Instagram, and some people who use Instagram may not follow you.

Next, we’ll discuss several different ways to invite your friends to follow you on Instagram. These methods include using social media apps, text messages, and emails. Through this simple process, you can increase the visibility of your Instagram account and attract the attention of more people around the world.

How to invite friends on Instagram

There are a lot of things on Instagram that can get your attention, but inviting friends to join apps is often overlooked.

Here’s the step-by-step process for inviting Instagram friends:

1.  The first step is to log in to your Instagram account and open your profile. If you don’t already have an account, create a new One.

2.  Tap menus (three horizontal lines) in the upper-right corner of the screen to open a new menu.

3.  Select Settings. Instagram offers a variety of privacy and security options under this menu to ensure a safe experience.

4.  Navigate to Follow and Invite Friends, showing different options. There are some standard options, while others depend on the app you are currently downloading on your phone and whether you are using an iOS or Android device.




Then you can see that there are several options to invite and connect with friends on Instagram.

Invite friends via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is available on almost every smartphone. It is a safe, accessible, and convenient way to connect with friends.

To invite your WhatsApp friends to Instagram:

1.  Tap Invite friends via WhatsApp. Instagram will ask for your permission to open the app.

2.  Select Open to authorize access to WhatsApp. You will be directed to your contact list.

3.  Select the contacts you want to invite. Users can send their join links to up to five contacts.

4.  Select Next, and then Send. If your account is public, recipients don’t need to register to view the content. Private accounts, on the other hand, require users to sign up, send a follow request, and wait for approval before they can access your content.

5.  If you want everyone to access your Instagram account, you can choose to upload it to your WhatsApp status. Click My Status and send the link uploaded there.



Invite friends via SMS

SMS (or iMessage on iPhones) is common among mobile phone users. You can invite friends by sending them a text in the following ways:

1.  Tap Invite friends via SMS to open your text box. A link will be automatically pasted on your username.

2.  Write down your contact number, or add as many contacts as your phone allows.

3.  Press the arrow to send your text. Users can click on the link to create an account.


Invite Friends via Email

Another way to invite people to follow your Instagram account is to send an email. This technique is also used for email marketing, so people can learn about your Instagram account. Here’s how you can invite friends via email:

1.  Click “Invite friends by email” to open a pre-created email with a link to your Instagram account.

2.  Write or paste the text of the email you wish to send. Make any modifications if needed.


3.  Tap Send.

Follow Contacts

Another way to grow your Instagram followers is to use the Follow Contacts feature. It syncs your phone contacts with your Instagram account.

Once all the contacts are connected, you will see them in the list of suggestions. In most cases, notifications that follow you will appear on other people’s Instagrams.

Questions to consider when inviting people to Instagram

Precautions should be taken when performing a task. When inviting people to follow you on Instagram, you must know some necessary tips.

We believe that with some precautions and advice, people can safely browse the app and share content with friends.

Only add people you really know

When inviting people to follow you on Instagram, the most important thing is to remember how familiar you are with them. If you have a private account, don’t bother sending requests to people you don’t know.

Search your list to find people you know and want to spend time with. This can reduce the chances of privacy breaches and data theft. If you have a public account, try to invite people you know will be interested in watching your content.

Similarly, not everyone should have the right to see your posts on Instagram. For example, most parents prefer to keep their children’s photos private or don’t want to expose family content to the public. If you agree with this position, don’t invite everyone.

Separate personal and professional life


Your WhatsApp and email may contain a lot of contacts at work. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they should also belong to your Instagram.

Separating your personal and professional life can reduce stress, increase productivity, and have the confidence to share what you enjoy.


For you, it might be inviting people to follow your Instagram, but who knows, they might think it’s spam and feel unhappy?

Constantly sending invitation links to people may irritate them, and they may think you’re in a hurry for attention. The best practice is to send a link to a specific person only once.

Invite people on Instagram in an easy way

Instagram allows users to share their profiles on third-party apps. Users can send links via WhatsApp, SMS, and email. You can also sync your contacts so everyone on your list will be notified of your presence.

We’ve elaborated on a gradual process of inviting friends to follow Instagram and hope it’s good for your Instagram account.