How to navigate the MetaMask mobile app

You may be familiar with the MetaMask wallet as a browser extension. However, there is also an app that basically turns MetaMask into an all-around mobile wallet. Here we will take a look at how to download the app and log in for the first time, as well as learn about some of its most useful features.

MetaMask has an app?

The MetaMask wallet has a browser extension on all major browsers. The extension enables your wallet to quickly and easily connect to platforms across the Web3 landscape. And, for this purpose, it arguably works best on your favorite desktop computer’s preferred browser.

However, the app can also be used to buy and transfer Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, and even hold and view NFTs. For use cases like this, accessing your MetaMask wallet on a mobile device is a huge benefit.

Download: MetaMask for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

How to sign in and log back in

The first time you enter the MetaMask app, you must log in. MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, which means you can’t log in with just your password. You have to enter your recovery phrase. So make sure you have it at hand.

Don’t worry too much. You just need to do this the first time you enter the app. After that, you can log back in with your password, just like you would with a browser extension.

If you want to add some convenience and security, if your phone offers these features, you can also set up MetaMask to unlock with biometrics, such as a fingerprint scanner. This is a convenient option because before most interactions, if your phone is inactive while the app is open, or if you leave the app to use another app, the app runs a security check.

Transfer funds on MetaMask

On the main page of the MetaMask app, you can send, receive, buy, and exchange cryptocurrencies. You can also select the pancake pile icon in the upper left corner of the app and select Activity to see your recent transactions.



Buy and exchange

To buy cryptocurrency through the mobile application, you will have to enter the payment information of your bank or credit card. However, if you use another option like PayPal buy cryptocurrency and send it to your MetaMask account, you don’t need to enter payment information at all.

Exchange is trading with tokens already in your account.

Send and receive

Sending and receiving are two features that mobile apps really shine through. When you select “Receive”, the app displays a QR code on your phone’s screen so that another user can scan it to deposit money into your account quickly and easily.

Similarly, when you want to send cryptocurrency, you can search for users, manually enter their address, or choose an option and scan the QR code to their wallet.

Show off your NFTs

If you want to show off your NFTs, the MetaMask app can also come in handy. On the main screen, change the view from token to NFT.

It’s actually not that simple, as you’ll need to import your NFTs into MetaMask. There is a button on the NFTs page to do this, with two options. You can manually import your NFTs one by one, which is more troublesome, but more secure and reliable, and you can also use API to automatically detect NFTs, fast and rough.



Visit the MetaMask browser

MetaMask has its own web browser. You can access the browser by clicking on the pancake pile icon in the top left and selecting the browser option. In addition to allowing you to search the web like a standard web browser, the browser also organizes quick links to popular exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and more.



Take it with you

The MetaMask mobile app has several clever extra features, but for the most part, it’s the wallet you know. Overall, it greatly increases the ease of accessing Web 3.0.