How to record a picture of a GIF using ShareX

If you want to record GIFs on your Windows computer, ShareX is a program that allows you to do so. ShareX is a useful tool where you can take screenshots and videos by selecting an application, window, or custom area on your screen.

The tool will automatically store your GIF records in the ShareX folder under “My Documents”. It stores files with GIF extension that you can play at any time.

How to animate a GIF using ShareX

You can download ShareX from its official website. To record a GIF, you can navigate to the Screen Recording (GIF) option.

1.  Search for ShareX on your COMPUTER and open it.


2.  Expand the Capture option. Here you can check out other features that you can use, such as capturing screenshots or videos.

3.  Tap Screen Recording (GIF).


4.  A cross-shaped pointer appears, indicating which part of the screen you can now choose to record. You can tap on an application or window to record the contents of that window. If you want to record a custom area, click and drag to the area you want to record.


5.  Once you have selected the screen area, ShareX will start recording. A menu will appear at the bottom of the area where you can indicate whether to cancel or stop GIF recording, as well as the elapsed time.


6.  To finish the GIF recording, press Stop.

How to navigate to a GIF and play it

You can play a GIF recording by selecting a GIF recording by using The ShareX user interface, or navigate to it in File Explorer.

1.  You can view GIF recordings on ShareX’s main dashboard page. ShareX assigns a randomly generated name to the recording by default.


2.  To play the recording, click the recording thumbnail on the dashboard.

3.  You can also find the location where ShareX stores the files. Navigate to the Documents folder under your ShareX folder. For example, “C:UsersUserDocumentsShareX”.

4.  Open the Screenshots folder. ShareX sorts your videos by month. Here you can view the file directly, rename it, or store it elsewhere.


Record GIFs with ShareX

ShareX is a tool that allows you to take screenshots and record videos or GIFs. To record GIF, you can select the Screen Recording (GIF) option and select a part of the screen you want to record.

Once you’ve recorded a GIF, you can play it on your computer or share it on social media and other platforms.