How to save audio information on iPhone and iPad

When you are using an iPhone or iPad, are you often frustrated by not keeping some important audio messages? It doesn’t matter, we can solve this problem!

Most of us are used to sending and receiving audio messages using the messaging app on the iPhone or iPad. Sometimes you may be interested in saving these audio messages, but this must be done manually. Unlike photos and videos, apps that store messages will not automatically save audio messages on your iPhone or iPad, but with a simple trick, you can save the audio messages you want to keep.

How to automatically save audio information on iPhone and iPad

1. Go to the settings on the iPhone or iPad. In the “Settings” menu, scroll down and click “Messages.”

2. Here, scroll down and select “Expired” located directly below the audio message.

3. You will notice that it is set to expire in 2 minutes by default. Change it to “Never”.

4. This will cause the iPhone or iPad to no longer automatically delete audio messages, but leave them in the messaging app, regardless of their context.

But what if you want to save a specific audio message as a file for later use or reference? You can do this.

How to manually save audio messages on iPhone and iPad

1. When you receive an audio message that you want to keep in the conversation, click the “Hold” option below the message bubble. However, if you want to save the audio message to your device, long-press the audio message you sent or received.

2. Now, click on the “Copy” option. (We know that there is a “save” option below, but this does not always apply to all users).

3. Now, open the “File” application on your iPhone or iPad. Choose a directory or folder to store audio information.

4. Now, long press on a blank area in the folder. Click “Paste” to save the message in this location.

5. As you can see here, the audio message has been saved. You can play it here.

This is an extremely simple little knowledge, but I believe that at certain moments, it can play a big role in your work and life!