How to turn off the sleep mode of iPhone

Sleep Mode is a feature in the iPhone Health app that helps you get better sleep quality. But sometimes, you may need to turn off the sleep mode of your iPhone.

Next, we will look at why and how to turn off sleep mode on iPhone.

Why turn off iPhone’s sleep mode?

Sleep mode is one of the features of the iPhone that can help you sleep better. Depending on the amount of time you schedule to sleep, sleep mode dims your screen, hides lock screen notifications, and only allows calls from specific people to come in.

However, it’s impossible to always follow the sleep schedule you’ve set for yourself, and certain things can upset your rhythm. So, to continue using your device as usual without these changes, you’ll have to turn off your iPhone’s sleep mode.

How to turn off sleep mode in the control center of the iPhone

The quickest way to turn off sleep mode is through your iPhone’s Control Center. Here’s how:

1.  Access the Control Center. The method may differ depending on your iPhone model.


2.  Tap on Sleep (the bed icon) to turn off Sleep Mode.


3.  If this opens a list of Focus modes, tap the active mode to disable all of them.

How to turn off sleep mode in the health app of the iPhone

It is annoying if the “sleep mode” of the iPhone is turned off manually every time you activate it, and another way is to prevent it from turning on automatically. Here’s how to disable the sleep mode of the iPhone through the Health app.

1.  In the Health app, select the Browse tab.


2.  From the list, select Sleep.

3.  Scroll all the way to the bottom. Tap Options.


4.  Tap to toggle off Turn On at Bedtime.

Use your iPhone to improve your health

Because of work and other responsibilities, you occasionally have to sacrifice some sleep, stay alert, and turn off the iPhone’s sleep mode. However, it is still important to maintain healthy lifestyle habits as much as possible.