How to type the degree symbol on iPhone or iPad

Want to know how to get the degree sign (°)on iPhone or iPad? Not only you, but many people have the same confusion. While Apple keyboards do have a degree symbol, most people don’t know where to find them. Luckily, it’s easy to find, and once you know how to find it, you won’t forget it.

The degree symbol on your iPhone or iPad works with keyboards for every language, so you don’t need to add a new keyboard. If you want to enter the degree sign, here’s how.

Tap and hold to display the degree symbol

To enter the degree symbol on your iPhone or iPad, you first need to open the keyboard. Once opened, click on the number (123) button in the lower left corner.


Once here, all you need to do is tap and hold the zero point (0) and then an option will appear to enter the degree (°) symbol. Just slide your finger over this symbol and you can add it to the text.


This applies to Notes, Messages, Safari, and everything else on your iPhone or iPad.

When should I use the degree symbol?

The degree symbol helps to write out the temperature without saying “degrees” to save time and text space. It is also helpful for some mathematical problems, as degree notation is often used in geometry. While it may not have many other uses, it is still helpful to know how to enter the degree symbol on your iPhone or iPad.