How to uninstall your McAfee in different ways

McAfee is a reliable antivirus, but many users have reported various errors, such as McAfee errors when communicating with event logs.

Another problem is that many reports say that McAfee always displays the system state as inactive. Therefore, many people decide to remove this software from their computers.

However, uninstalling McAfee can be difficult, whether your license has expired or you just want a better solution.

Don’t worry, though, let’s take a look at how to remove it in two easy ways:

1. Uninstall McAfee’s standard programs

1.  First, remove McAfee LiveSafe/Internet Security and McAfee WebAdvisor from your computer.

2.  The first is real antivirus software, and the second is an extension of the browser that allows you to know the credibility of the website you visit.

3.  Type control in Windows Search, then click on Control Panel from results.

4.  In the window that opens click on the “Uninstall the program” option.

5.  Select the icon for McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Internet Security, or the version of the antivirus that you have installed on your PC and press the Uninstall / Change button located under the application icon (on Windows 10) or at the top (on Windows 7 and Windows 8.x).

6.  In the window that opens, click the “Yes” button.

7.  Check a check mark next to items such as McAfee LiveSafe (or McAfee Internet Security) and Delete all files from this program.

8.  When prompted, click the “Remove”, “Delete”, “Close”, and “No, Thank You” buttons to complete the process of deleting McAfee.

Moreover, you can also follow the above steps to remove siteAdvisor software. This will also help you complete the uninstallation of McAfee WebAdvisor.

When the operation is complete, restart the computer to make all your changes take effect and complete the removal of McAfee and all of its components.

2. Uninstall McAfee apps from smartphones and tablets

1.  Select the icon of the app from the drawer.

2.  Press your finger on the icon for a few seconds and drag the icon to the trash can icon that appears on the screen.

3.  When a warning appears on the screen, select OK and you’re done.

Alternatively, to get the same result you can go to the Settings menu, touch the Android app and then select the McAfee and press the Uninstall button on the screen that opens.

This process applies not only to the classic McAfee AntiVirusPlus, but also to McAfee Family Protection, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection, and the McAfee LiveSafe suite.