How to use an auto text extender in Chrome to speed up browsing

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1. Autofill Google searches on Chrome

If you regularly use Google’s search engine, you can create shortcuts to the text you use frequently. The first text extender you should check out is Magical, which lets you develop endless shortcuts for individual words or entire paragraphs. And it’s free.

Among its many uses, it includes speeding up your Google searches by automatically populating your most frequently used phrases such as “what is,” “who is,” or “define.”


Combine Magical’s tools with other google search tips and tricks to make your research much faster.

Download: Magical (Free)

2. Fill in forms and general information automatically

Text Blaze is another great extension to autofill text while browsing on chrome, providing a very fluid system for creating and using fragments. You can create entire folders filled with details or phrases that you use frequently in registrations, surveys, comments, or any other form.


Any text you need, from your name and address to your signature and current date, can be displayed with just a few keystrokes.

Download: Text Blaze (Free, subscription available)

3. Take notes online with a text extender

Whether you’re using OneNote or a free online notepad tool, it’s easier than ever to take notes while browsing, especially with Google Chrome’s autofill extensions like ProKeys.

First, you create fragments of your favorite phrases, simple, and you can remember. Then, go into your online note-taking app, enter a clip, and tap Shift+Space. The fragment expands to the phrase it specifies.


For ProKeys, you take these steps for each fragment, which means you can’t write a bunch and use Shift + Space to expand them all at once.

Other Chrome extensions work differently or faster, so make sure you explore as much as you can to find the best fit for the job.

Download: ProKeys (Free)

4. Autofill the code on your browser

You’ll come across a more professional autofill app like TextExpander that caters to the needs of large or small businesses and their teams. Its wide range of tools comes at a cost, but you can try it out with its 30-day free trial.

Among its many collaboration, analysis, and text extension features, there is an option to create fragments of JavaScript, AppleScript, and Shell Script code.


So, if you like programming while browsing on chrome, you can add the TextExpander extension and autofill any text you need to quickly complete the algorithm.

Download: TextExpander (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. Improve your online communication with text extenders

If you use a browser to communicate with friends or customers, text extenders are a great solution for writing messages. They can automatically fill in sentences you use often, while you pay attention to whatever original content you want to say.

Because TextExpander excels at smooth collaboration, keep it in mind when chatting, composing emails, and creating social media posts.


Not only can you create a few complex fragments, but you can also share them with your team. That way, you can all use the same phrases when talking to each other, expressing common workplace complaints, or communicating professionally with clients.

Download: TextExpander (Subscription required, free trial available)

6. Use autofill forms to speed up your blog writing

Some bloggers like to write articles directly on the browser. This saves time and allows you to stylize each article as you type, rather than pasting text from Word, say, having to make changes.

Text extenders are also useful here. There are some standard call-to-action or contact details that appear in blog posts that you can create shortcuts for on the autofill app.

Another text extension service you should know about Google Chrome is FlyMSG. It’s free and easy to navigate, as you can set up convenient snippets or FlyCuts folders for your blog.


Whether you’re blogging on Medium or WordPress, just type in your shortcuts and your browser extensions will automatically replace them with relevant phrases.

Download: FlyMSG (Free)

Personalize your Google Chrome experience with automatic text extenders

The more efficient your browser is, the more you enjoy using it. Automatic text extenders are smart and incredibly useful because they speed up every part of your online writing, whether you’re filling out forms, posting articles, or just chatting.

Explore other ways Chrome browser extensions can improve your user experience. Strive to make this platform as fun and useful as possible.