How to use Google Assistant to post on Instagram

Google Assistant is very powerful, and you can launch any Android app with Google Assistant. For example, if you say “Ok Google, launch Instagram”, then Google Assistant will open the Instagram app on your Android smartphone. Recently, Google also introduced a new feature, which is the Google Assistant shortcut, which now allows users to perform specific tasks in installed apps. For example, if you say “Ok Google, open my Instagram profile”, then Google Assistant will display your profile page in the Instagram app.

Similarly, you say “Ok, Google, create a new post on Instagram” then the assistant will launch a new post in the Instagram app. However, before using these features, you must also complete some simple setups. Next, let’s take a look:

Use Google Assistant to enable Post on Instagram

First, you can open the Google app > more > settings and choose the option called “Google Assistant”.

Keep scrolling down and click on “See All Settings”. In the “All Settings” section, you can find the “Shortcut” option, click on it.

At this point, you can see a list of actions in the application. You can scroll down to the Apps section and select the “Instagram” option. If you don’t see the Instagram option, make sure you have Instagram installed on your phone.

Click the plus icon next to the “New Instagram Post” option.

Now you can start experimenting with Google Assistant to post on Instagram. If you want, you can click the Edit button and edit the dialog box. In any case, this is not case-sensitive, and Google can understand it through natural language processing.

This method works equally well for other apps, and you can add shortcuts from Instagram and other apps for various other actions like sending images on WhatsApp, displaying downloads on Prime videos, and more.