How to withdraw sent Gmail emails

Whether it’s not finished writing or not paying attention, or for some other reason, sometimes when your Gmail email is sent out, you immediately regret it. Fortunately, you can withdraw emails that have been sent in Gmail.

Set up in Gmail

When you need to withdraw an email, you can enable the “Undo Sending” option in your Gmail account. Once enabled, Gmail will give you an option to withdraw any recently sent emails from your Gmail account.

However, you must be quicker, because you only have 30 seconds to withdraw sent emails in Gmail.

Enable “Retract Send” in Gmail

In the first step, we need to enable the withdrawal option, and then choose the time according to our needs.

Check the “Retract Send” option.

Choose a time period.


Go down to the bottom of the screen and save your settings.

After completing the above steps, you can withdraw the emails you have sent to your Gmail account.

How to withdraw sent emails in Gmail

1. Open the “New E-mail” window.

2. Write a new test email and send it.

3. After you successfully send the email. A reminder message will appear at the top of the screen.

4. At this time, you can withdraw the email you just sent from your Gmail account by clicking the withdraw button.

The undo option is only available for a short period of time (up to 30 seconds). Therefore, you need to make a decision quickly.