Intel: The Arc A370M mobile GPU has twice the performance of the Iris Xe core display

After yesterday’s announcement that the ARC Alchemist mobile GPU product line will be officially announced on March 30, Intel has teased some performance data today. Lisa Pearce, vice president, and general manager of the company’s Visual Computing Division mentioned in an article that the ARC A370M high-end SKU (with 96 EU) will deliver twice the Iris Xe core display. Obviously, ARC Alchemist also has a higher main frequency, a slightly higher TDP, and an improved high-performance architecture compared to the older DG1 Xe-LP design.

In addition, Lisa Pearce answered a number of questions of considerable concern in the article, let’s take a look:

1.  Why do you want to offer the mobile ARC product line before the desktop ARC Alchemist solo release?

We’ve been working hard to prepare ARC graphics products for gamers and creators, and it’s been an incredible journey.

Starting March 30, we are excited to launch the ARC A-Series mobile GPU product line and showcase key technologies such as Deep Link, XSS, and more.

These technologies will power most of the world’s laptops, and we have decades of experience building industry-leading platforms with our partners.

By being the first to deliver a mobile product line, we can leverage all relevant technologies—across CPU, graphics, media, display, I/O, and more—to deliver a great experience.

1080P medium quality, performance forecast.

2. What is the expected performance of the initial Intel ARC A370M mobile GPU?

While maintaining a similar form factor, the first ARC unique product to enter the mobile market will deliver twice the performance improvement of the Iris Xe core display.

It’s also the first time we’ve included unique hardware for the Intel Evo Experience Certification Program, thanks to Intel Deep Link technologies such as Power Share.

You’ll see more performance arc-only configurations for laptop/desktop platforms that further enhance the experience for gamers and creators, with more spec details to come.

Disclosure of Details

What is the legendary Project Endgame planning?

Intel is interested in reducing the difficulties and obstacles of today’s PC gaming, including compatibility issues, long download wait times, high-performance variability, and frequent patches and updates.

To resolve these embarrassments, it is clear that greater investment and innovation in software technologies such as cloud computing and global services will be needed.

Project Endgame is a unified service layer that leverages ubiquitous computing resources (cloud, edge, home-local) to improve the gaming and non-gaming PC experience.

Project Endgame will pave the way for Intel’s real-time GPU experience over the next decade, with the goal of enabling petaflops of computation within a few ms of latency.

Starting in Q2 2022, Intel will take a key first step toward Project Endgame.

Finally, Intel wants to bring ARC-only products to every player and actively participate in community discussions about how to improve and introduce new features next.

If you’re interested, you can keep an eye out for the live broadcast of the new Intel ARC mobile GPU release that kicks off on Wednesday, March 30 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time.