Luminar 4 – professional artificial intelligence photo editor

For novices, editing photos is a difficult task. We are distressed because it often takes a long time to get satisfactory results. Now, Luminar 4 can help you solve this problem.

Luminar 4 is an AI smart photo editing and retouching tool with very powerful image processing functions that can help users enhance and modify images. The software provides users with a professional panel. In the middle of the panel is an image file, which can help users organize and categorize photos better, and edit the pictures. The software supports RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and other formats, and the edited pictures can be 100% lossless and saved. In addition to being able to run independently, Luminar can also work as a plug-in in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements software.

The AI ​​SkyReplacement tool in Luminar 4 can not only change the sky but also re-illuminate the entire photo so that the lighting and color of the original image match the lighting and color of the sky. The intelligent selection algorithm in Luminar 4 is perfect even in the smallest details. They also remove halos, artifacts, and hard edges. You can even fine-tune the foreground brightness and contrast. If needed, Luminar4’s AI can automatically perform many unexpected tasks.

Software features

1. An extensible adaptive user interface that allows you to browse images and work in your own way.

2, the “Library” panel in Luminar puts the image in the front and center. The simple interface is extremely easy to operate, making it easier to browse and appreciate photos.

3. With the help of the “Library” panel, you can organize, browse, rate, and group photos easier than ever.

4. The convenient work area displays recommended tools for specific types of photography, such as professional, black and white, landscape, portrait, aerial, and street photography.

5. More than 60 powerful one-click Luminars can quickly enhance your image or adjust your taste.

6. ​​Searchable filter catalog, which can be browsed by keywords or styles, and choose from 51 image enhancement filters to optimize photos and solve image problems.

7, Accent AI Filter-the world’s smartest photo enhancer

8. Layers, brushes, and masks provide the best selective editing.

9. Apply look-up table (LUT) files for creative color grading and movie inventory simulation

10. Customizable brushes and selective masking systems can achieve precise control.

11. The “History” panel is used to track adjustments made to the image and quickly perform multiple undo operations.

12. Beautiful editing, 100% lossless, can be automatically saved to your catalog.

13, RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and other popular files support maximum flexibility.

14. It is suitable for any style of workflow, and can be used as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in for popular host applications.

15, can host Photoshop-style plug-ins.

16. Process photos in batches to quickly improve multiple images.

When you first started using Luminar 4, you may have some difficulties in operation, but soon, you will fall in love with it!