Make Safari 7 extensions for Gmail productivity

The email has become the main form of communication for people around the world. Email vendors like Gmail, Yahoo, and many others continue to beautify their existing extensions to increase productivity and provide more features to end users.

For Mac users who prefer to use Gmail on Safari, you can turn your existing Gmail mailbox into a productivity boost by adding valuable extensions. Here are seven of Safari’s top Gmail extensions that you can use to help you categorize, proofread, schedule, and organize your emails.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is an all-time well-known text-editing tool that has been on the rise for years. From providing excellent text editing services to helping you manage your email body, you can expect plenty of services within Gmail.

As an extension, it’s easy to install inside Safari, and you can use it seamlessly in your email content. Just start typing the body of the email and wait for Grammarly to suggest the necessary modifications.

Once you’ve reviewed these changes and feel the suggestions are appropriate, you can simply click on them to modify them or accept them individually.

The only prerequisite is that you need to have an account setup before you can install the extension on Safari. You can choose between two premium plans to use the Safari Gmail extension.

Download: Grammarly (Free)

2. eAngel


eAngel is a perfect Gmail extension for Safari, especially if you write and send a lot of business emails via Gmail. The tool proofreads your emails for you, corrects them if necessary, and then sends them to the recipients as intended.

After composing your email, simply tap the Send with eAngel button instead of the default Send button. Your email will then be sent to an email angel team who will check its grammar, spelling, punctuation, and correct wording.

eAngel is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Hebrew, but keep in mind that the service does not include translation. Once your email is sent, you will receive a response from eAngel showing corrections made to your original message.

There’s a free trial version that lets you use up to five emails or 500 words. If you like the service and plan to use it regularly, there is an eAngel plan, starting at $5 per month to $34 per month, depending on the number of words or characters you need to review.

The eAngel extension is a very handy tool for Safari. It can check your messages before they reach the recipient, saving you time and even embarrassment.

Download: eAngel (Free, subscription available)

3. Criptext


With the Criptext extension, you can safely send your Gmail messages and attachments. Tracking emails, using an expiration timer, and its native recall feature, you can encrypt your messages and attachments up to 100MB.

When you need to send an email, just select the security icon at the bottom of the Gmail compose window. Then you can add a Safe Attachment, customize the expiration time, or schedule an email on your Mac to send later.

The extension allows you to manually call up the email you send, even if it has already been opened. You can easily view your activity, showing when an email was opened, and the location of the recipient.

This Safari Gmail extension is a great helper that lets you control your Gmail messages.

Download: Criptext (Free)

4. Boomerang


Gmail’s Boomerang Safari extension is an amazing tool that offers scheduling and reminder options.

To arrange information in Boomerang, you can use the Send Later button at the bottom of the compose window. Just select it and choose from a fully customizable list of options, including a recurring schedule.

You can also select the question mark icon, which will inform your recipient in the message body that a reading receipt has been requested.

As for the reminder, just select the email you want in your inbox and tap the boomerang button at the top. Select or customize your own reminder from the list. This is convenient for emails you want to see later, such as upcoming bills, follow-up information, or other action items.

Boomerang also gives you a great control center to see information scheduled for later, recurring information, and information that is being tracked.

Download: Boomerang (Free)

5. Streak


Streak is a very useful Gmail extension, especially if you manage your business mail through Gmail. This extension changes your vision, allowing you and your peers to collaborate online in real-time, and simply track, and manage your email more effectively.

Streak provides basic CRM tools that can be used in sales, product development, hiring, real estate, and more.

Once the extension is installed and added to your Gmail account, you will see the Pipes folder. Depending on your initial setup (which can be edited at any time), you’ll see emails color-coded by category with a clear summary view at the top.

Email tools include information tracking, mail merge, fragments for faster email creation, and scheduling capabilities.

Streak works well not only for business, but also for event or travel planning, or even wedding preparations. The Streak plan starts with a free 5-user limit and ends at $119/month on the Enterprise plan.

Download: Streak (Free, subscription available)

6. RightInbox


Gmail is the home to productivity; When you add an extension like RightInbox, you can immediately take its performance a notch. The extension works seamlessly with Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

From email templates to scheduling emails and sending consecutive emails, RightInbox has a lot to look forward to. Here are some of the features of this Safari extension that you can look forward to:

1.  Send Later

2.  Reminders

3.  Private Notes

4.  Signatures

5.  Sequences

6.  Templates

7.  Recurring Emails

8.  Smart Link Previews

9.  Email Tracking

10.  Mail Merge

Although the basic installation is free, there are also some paid versions for users who want to get more out of their Gmail mailbox. There are three pricing options to choose from: Free, Personal, and Pro.

As you might have guessed, each plan offers something different, and you can make the best choice based on your needs.

Download: RightInbox (Free, subscription available)

7. Gmelius


When working with multiple people in the office, you want to work together, not on an isolated island. This is where Gmelius came about; With its Gmail extension, you can turn your company’s inbox into a beautiful shared workspace.

Once you add your team members to your workspace, everyone can collaborate to use standard mail templates and use the mailbox as a shared workspace to track various messages.

Use quick notes to communicate with your peers, send autoresponders, and perfect the art of email collaboration, all through Gmelius’ Gmail extension on Safari.

Download: Gmelius (Free)

Boost Gmail’s capabilities with convenient extensions

Gmail’s extensions aren’t limited to Safari. However, since different users tend to use different operating systems, it is important to tweak and install Gmail extensions for different browsers to support various users and their mail needs.