March 2022 Xbox Update: What Does Microsoft Bring to Us?

Microsoft has been working hard to continuously improve the Xbox platform and recently made some updates again, let’s take a look at what new features and improvements:

Pin Multiple Games for Quick Resume

Quick Resume is an excellent Xbox feature that lets you jump between games and pick up from where you left them, without needing to launch from scratch and deal with the associated loading times.

With Microsoft’s March 2022 Xbox update, as detailed on Xbox Wire, you can now pin up to two games in Quick Resume. This means that these games will never drop out of the Quick Resume rotation unless you manually remove them or the game updates—perfect for games you play regularly that usually take an eternity to launch.

To use this feature:

1.  Navigate to the Quick Resume group.

2.  Highlight a game.

3.  Press the Menu button on your controller.

4.  Select Pin to Quick Resume.

If you have two games pinned, you have to choose one to delete.

Remap the Xbox Controller Share Button

The second new feature is the ability to remap the share button on xbox wireless controllers. By default, the Share button captures the screen with just one click, or presses and holds to capture a video.

You can now reset the button to do other things like open a search, launch your friends list, or browse your achievements. If you rarely capture screenshots and videos, now you can assign the share button to something more useful, which is fine.

Microsoft notes that “the Elite Series 2 controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, and other devices also have some new actions” that you can browse through in the Xbox Accessories app.

In addition, the new controller firmware can be used to improve Bluetooth performance, while there are other fixes.

Guided HDMI Audio Setup

There’s also a guided setup wizard for HDMI audio devices that walks you through the steps to ensure your speakers are connected and configured correctly according to your needs. You can access it through the general > volume and audio output > audio settings.

The best thing to do is to have your console install updates automatically so you can benefit from the latest features and security features. On Xbox Series X/S, check for updates through Profile and System > Settings > System > Updates.

To update your Xbox controller on your PC, use the Xbox Accessories app. It can get it from the Microsoft Store.