Microsoft Garage Project Harvest has now turned positive update to match the Windows 11 UI

The Microsoft Garage program, which aims to get Microsoft employees to diversify their ideas, has successfully incubated the Microsoft Journal project. To celebrate the project’s turnaround, the Microsoft Journal team also released an update to match the look and feel of the Windows 11 operating system and added additional colors and materials.

Microsoft Journal is a digital ink solution designed to make it easy for users to record ideas, draw, and annotate PDFs at any time.

In fact, statistically, the development team saw a 59% PDF document editing rate (and 41% of blank documents).

To speed up the software and improve privacy features, Microsoft Journal uses an AI-based solution to recognize editing and semantic gestures on devices.

Stevie Bathiche, a researcher and head of applied science and technology at Microsoft, commented: “We are entering an era of computer-aided reasoning, and the future of AI will significantly improve the efficiency of tasks for all.”.

The Microsoft Journal demonstrates a powerful experience where software can predict user intent, but that’s just the beginning. If you’re interested, you can go to the Microsoft Store and download the experience now.