Microsoft introduced Windows 11 smooth scrollbars to Google Chrome

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 has a new, modern “smooth scroll bar” that changes shape as users interact with it. Smooth scrollbars are dynamic, they are autoscaled on different form factors or when you change the size of a window, and it is currently used in applications such as settings, media players, etc.

Under a new proposal from Microsoft, the Google browser may soon have smooth scrollbar capabilities. In a proposal, Microsoft said it wanted to modernize the old scroll bars in the Chrome browser to align Google Chrome with The Windows 11 design standard.

The proposal aims to modernize Chromium’s scrollbars to accommodate Windows 11’s fluid design language. In addition, Microsoft is also considering some visual changes to the way users interact with the scroll bars in the Chrome browser, using different modes. Where the minimalist mode will be the default design for scrollbars. The scrollbar in full mode is when the cursor is on the scrollbar area, and all the parts are drawn.

Stealth mode will be a new feature, the scroll bar will fade out completely, and the exact location on the page may not be found. Google has expressed concern about hidden patterns, and Microsoft says it is actively exploring a better way to deal with visual improvements. To better understand these differences, here’s a comparison of the new scrollbars in Microsoft Edge and the classic scrollbars in Chrome.

Microsoft also noted that “hidden mode” can be bypassed with Windows 11’s native solution “Always open scroll bar”. As with MacOS, it is possible to “always show scroll bars” from the settings – > accessibility – > visual effects. The new scroll bar is applied to the local settings. When the feature is enabled, the scroll bar is drawn in Full Mode. At this operating system setup, the scroll bar will take up layout space.

Microsoft’s proposed scroll bar will behave more like an overlay scroll bar. They will be thinner, with inlays and rounded edges. If Google developers reject the overlay scroll bar, Microsoft also plans to redesign the non-overlay scroll bar to modernize the Chrome browser on Windows 11. Since January 2022, Microsoft has been considering providing this feature for Chromium-based web browsers.