MyerSplash–Simple and elegant wallpaper application

MyerSplash is a free cross-platform Unsplash wallpaper application for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Users can choose from a lot of wallpapers on this platform, most of which are photographers’ works. The quality is absolutely top-notch. You can download them for free and use them directly.

Software introduction

Myersplash is a wallpaper app. The quality and resolution of the wallpaper are really superb, and the wallpaper style is simple and elegant.

All the wallpapers of MyerSplash are from the famous copyright-free photo-sharing website: Unsplash

Unsplash is a completely free, copyright-free high-definition picture resource website. “Copyright-free” means that the pictures on this website are voluntarily shared by the creators and are completely free for anyone to use for any purpose. The original phrase of Unsplash is “do whatever you want”, which means “you can copy, modify, and distribute pictures for free, including for commercial purposes, and you can use them without permission.”

And each picture of MyerSplash can be adjusted to fit the size of the Windows desktop. No longer need to search through websites one by one, and then adjust the image size.

Software features:

Optimized the layout for iPad, so you can browse pictures comfortably on the big screen;

The developer, as a photographer, will select some excellent wallpapers from Unsplash and his own photography every day, and push them to you every day;

The built-in download management can help you find the downloaded wallpapers so that they can be saved to the local again;

Built-in picture editing function: When you find that your favorite picture is too bright and not suitable for wallpaper, you can choose to use this tool to darken the picture, and then save it to the gallery again;

Built-in a wealth of search hot words, convenient for you to quickly search for the content you want;

Support night mode, support flow control

You can press and hold the picture on the desktop to use 3D Touch or Haptic Touch to quickly access the search and download list

Support directly set as wallpaper under macOS

There is no doubt that this software is great! It brings ease and pleasure during my working hours, which is incredible!


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