No Launcher – Minimal Android launcher

No Launcher is a desktop service software that can quickly launch the corresponding desktop information. The application can quickly clean up the software on the desktop, and the one-key acceleration mode can quickly clean up the excess garbage, helping everyone to complete the garbage clear effect. At the same time, you can quickly find the corresponding files and software in the search box, and you can quickly search by just entering the corresponding text during operation, allowing you to find the location of the operation in one second. Not only that, but everyone here can also edit the interface to make your desktop more comfortable to watch.

No Launcher is also a multi-no launcher. This launcher has no ads, no paid content, and no in-depth customization. It only allows you to use it on the desktop in a more efficient way.


1. Automatically update the application list when adding/deleting applications

2. Press the return key to delete the text in the search field

3. To change the launcher, please go to Settings->Homepage

4. To uninstall the launcher, please change back to the original launcher first

5. Long press any app to uninstall the app

6. Quick search bar at the top (only search apps, no random suggestions)

7. Press show/hide apps at the bottom to hide apps in the list

Highlight advantage

1. Independent choice of icon style, unified icon style is no longer a dream.

2. The card stream is negative on one screen, providing an unparalleled fast experience.

3. Application program search to wake up quickly, select the full keyboard.

4. Powerful key matching icon pack, matching icons immediately.

No Launcher is a very simple Android desktop launcher software, this software can provide users with very mature functions, and it is only 21KB, if you need software that enhances your efficiency, I think it should be suitable for you.


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