Notchmeister —Use it to decorate the notch on your MacBook Pro

Various applications and wallpaper designs that hide gaps have appeared on the market, but Iconfactory is moving in the opposite direction, embracing the gaps through a simple new application called “Notchmeister”, which allows you to add effects to the gaps. Think of it as a fun way to make you have fun. Or as a screen saver for things you can’t see. Or, maybe, just a waste of time.

Notchmeister Mac version is a system optimization software on Mac computers. It can help you hide the notch of the new Mac. This free app provides some effects that you can apply to the screen area around the notch, including holiday lights hanging from the notch, a pop-up radar screen, and a luminous notch that tracks the pointer when it moves behind the screen.

5 special effects of Notchmeister

Plasma Leak
Nano Radar

Back in the 1980s, every Mac user had some assortment of silly toys installed. A little “Neko” cat that would chase your cursor around, Oscar the Grouch popping out of the trash can, flying toaster screensavers… a cute fun toy, feels weirdly nostalgic! But you think it’s worth spending a few minutes playing!


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