PDF Search–Powerful and efficient pdf file search tool

Application Introduction

PDF Search utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to quickly search thousands of documents. Make your work and school life more efficient and easier.

Success with artificial intelligence

Information is the key to success. PDF search will help you quickly obtain the information in the document using AI-driven algorithms. Just use it to search your documents, reference books, or notes. Then feel the power of accessing any information in a few seconds. You will use your Mac, iPad, or iPhone to shine in meetings, courses, or work. Everyone will be surprised at your mastery of the files.

What makes it different

General search tools search for existence. They only check whether your keywords exist in the document. Then they give you a list of documents. You check them one by one to see if they are the ones you are looking for. No intelligence, just like a machine.

PDF Search can be an intelligent search tool. It does not check for a unique existence, but analyzes all pages separately and checks the relevance of each page based on the given keywords. This check is similar to how a person checks a document. For example, if a page contains a title that contains keywords, the page is more interested in that page. PDF search combines all these checks into a completely new algorithm. Using this algorithm, it can instantly find the most relevant pages among thousands of documents.

Unified search experience

You can use your iPhone or iPad to search for documents on your Mac. You can sync your files over WiFi with just one click and take all your documents with you.

CONVERT document to PDF

Support Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote, and RTF documents. PDF Converter is a free help application that you can download from our website. After installation, Office documents will be automatically converted to PDF and indexed via PDF search.


Super fast search

Synchronization between iOS and macOS app.

Page ranking system

Word distance algorithm

Keyword placement analysis

Able to understand the meaning of mistyped keywords

Export search results as a new PDF document containing all the best pages from the most relevant documents. Therefore, you can share the results as a document.

Wildcard search can search for words that start or end with other words.

Easily export the current page in PDF format to share with others

Folder-based navigation

iCloud folder support

Tag support

Bookmark support

Search using similar keywords

Emphasize power ranking (heading, heading, paragraph detection)

PDF Converter: Convert office documents to PDF

Export to PDF

Supports Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote, and RTF documents through the integrated PDF Converter application.

Can be run as a window application or a menu bar application.

Search for specific files

Uptodate files are ranked higher

Quickly navigate between pages in different documents

Highlight keywords in animation

Insert comments (highlight, underline, strikethrough) on the page for searching

Global shortcut keys

Back up the index database