Rainmeter–personalized desktop customization

Rainmeter was originally a system status monitoring software, but now its functions have been greatly expanded. Common functions such as rs s feeder and mail monitor can all be realized, and its low resource consumption and simple design have won it A large number of fans. Most of Rainmeter’s skins follow the abstract and concise design route, which is very suitable as desktop beautification software.

Rainmeter is a set of software that can display system status. The information that can be displayed includes CPU usage, hard disk space, memory space, network speed, time, news, and much other information. In terms of beautifying the desktop, it can be regarded as a set of software with a high usage rate.

Software features:

1. Rainmeter is a group

In our group, people will always be happy to help you solve various problems. In the past two years, a group around Rainmeter has been established. Users share their skins, knowledge, and skills in this group. Their creative inspiration and ability to innovate are constantly expanding.

2. Rainmeter is customized for your system

Rainmeter only takes up very little CPU and memory space. No matter what your hardware configuration is, as long as your operating platform is Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, it can run well on that platform. Rainmeter provides a 32/64 bit installation program, you can choose standard installation or green installation.

3. Rainmeter is a free and open-source software

Rainmeter is a completely free and open-source software under the GNU Lesser General Public License. We welcome those programmers who want to join the development team to develop Rainmeter programs or third-party plug-ins.

common problem

Why does Rainmeter pop up a window prompting many errors every time it is refreshed?

1. If the skin lacks the required fonts or plug-ins, a window will pop up and an error will be reported. Solution: Download the dll plug-in package corresponding to your own system version, unzip it and place it in the RM directory→Plugins folder.

Rainmeter (raindrop desktop show) can’t open rmskin or prompt pop-up window when running rmskin, how to solve it?

1. No related programs are associated. Solution: Please find the rmskin file, right-click and select the open method, click Browse, and then associate a small raindrop shape (green) program.

2. If you encounter an error message after opening, please check the upgraded RM version. It may be because some skins are more demanding.

3. As mentioned above can not solve your problem, please change the suffix of rmskin to rar and double-click to unzip it, and put the files inside in the Skins folder.


All in all, this application is great because it allows you to display information about any programs and processes on your system. At the same time, the location, transparency, and design of the information container can be easily changed and adjusted to meet your needs. Most importantly, the tool is gentle on your system resources and does not require much space.