Rayon – Open source Linux server monitoring tool for macOS, iOS systems, and Snippet feature

Rayon is an open-source macOS, iOS application, the main role is to monitor the status of Linux services, such as system load, CPU memory consumption, disk space, processes, etc., it also has a terminal tool on the iOS side, with Snippet function.

It is the programmer’s right-hand man and saves a lot of time. Of course, you’ll still have to take care of some work, but if you prepare a script or some code snippets in advance, you can solve it quickly on your phone.

Rayon – SSH Server Toolbox

Rayon has been open-sourced on GitHub and its key features are:

Free and open source

Host connection with libssh2 capability

Linux proc file system status information

Authentication with passwords, keys, etc…

Xterm-enabled terminals

Code snippets with bulk execution capabilities

Nvidia GPU status monitoring

Cute cats running appear in the macOS menu bar

When the server addition is complete, you can open it at any time to view the system status:

The more convenient Snippet function, only need to be set up, select a server Execute can be automatically executed, by the way, display the running results:

The experience and functionality of macOS and iOS are basically the same, however, there is no data synchronization function at this time, so you need to manually add servers twice.

Currently, Rayon is free, and you can download and install it for free on the App Store, but you may charge for it in the future.