SCD.SK exhibited a variety of classic games

Today, many players born in the 70s and 80s are still obsessed with video games in the early stages of development. These games will once again make them feel interesting and exciting. Now, the Slovak Design Museum is showing a series of classic arcade/video games online.

For classic game/historical mining enthusiasts, language may be an obstacle. However, thanks to the joint efforts of the Slovak Game Developers Association and the Design Museum, the SCD.SK website has already included many works translated in English, covering various types such as text adventures.

In retrospect, from the early interest exchange group to cassette duplication, to DIY development, such a process was quite common. If you play enough games, sooner or later you will find that some games have a common core (code/gameplay/clones, etc.).

Although computer performance was limited at that time, the brains of young developers were still quite active. Even though most of the early games are text adventure games, the wonderful plot design can still bring a pretty good game experience.

At present, the project team has completed the “localization” of 10 games for Western visitors. If all goes well, we are expected to have access to more works in the next few years.

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