ScreenToGif–GIF animation recording

ScreenToGif is a compact and powerful GIF animation recording software. It has a webcam and artboard recorder, and it comes with an integrated editor, so it is very simple, convenient, and reliable when recording the screen. You can use it to quickly record on the screen. The screen recorder in the window can be dragged freely to record all the content in the rectangle, and the recording will stop at any time, which is very easy to operate. The editor also has many functions! You can crop, resize, add watermark and text, set transition effects, etc. Finally, you can edit the recording in it and export it as a gif or video.

The software supports two major functions: window recording and selected area recording, both of which are particularly effective. Compared with other GIF recording tools, ScreenToGif is of course slightly better. It only depends on its convenience, simplicity, compactness, and power. It is enough to be the best in recording tools!

Software features

1. A portable, executable, and very small application.

2. Free and open source applications without any ads.

3. 3 ways to record content: screen, webcam, and sketch.

4. A powerful editor with many choices! You can edit recordings and even gifs from other sources.

5. You can export it as Gif, Video, or save it as a project for later editing.

6. Clean and consistent interface, supported by WPF.

7. More than 18 different languages. The language of the system is automatically detected, and the default is English.

8. Many choices. You can even change the color of the recorder.

9. Actively develop and integrate with user needs, feedback is very welcome.


1. Record the designated area of ​​the screen and save it directly as a gif animation file;

2. Tap to pause or resume recording;

3. You can choose the recording area yourself;

4. You can continue to run other applications or windows during the recording process;

5. The border can be deleted;

6. Choose a folder to save the file or save the file directly to the desktop; you can add a system cursor to the recording file;

7. It is a .exe file, which occupies a small space and is very portable;

8. Use the F key to start/pause or stop recording.

ScreenToGif is very suitable for those who often write various tutorials because sometimes it is not intuitive to express in words, but it is very easy to understand with some demonstration animations. After trying out a few GIF screen recording software, I think ScreenToGif is a very good tool.