Seagate introduces a new 20TB SkyHawk AI series of video imaging and analysis mechanical hard drives

During today’s ISC West trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Seagate, one of the global leaders in massive data storage infrastructure solutions, unveiled the new SkyHawk AI 20TB mechanical hard drive. For AI systems that need to process and analyze multiple streams of information and thousands of hours of video, such a heavy load obviously needs to rely on a repository with a large-capacity hard disk.

With the latest 20TB SkyHawk AI mechanical hard drive, Seagate has once again enriched the company’s leading portfolio of video imaging and analysis (VIA) equipment.

Designed to support artificial intelligence network recorders (AI NVR) for edge security applications, the HDDs intelligently adapt to the scale of the user’s AI environment, supporting up to 64 HD video streams and 32 AI streams.

With this ability to support scalable AI workloads, SkyHawk AI is able to meet the growing demands of Advanced Video Imaging and Analytics (VIA), enabling the analysis and recording of video footage, as well as GPU analysis.

It is worth mentioning that the drive body is equipped with ImagePerfect AI firmware to achieve “zero frame loss” and heavy workloads.

As an enterprise-class hard drive, the SkyHawk AI 20TB HDD is extremely reliable, with a mean time-free time (MTBF) of up to 2 million hours and an annual data write the volume of 550 TBW, more than three times that of a standard VIA drive.

Paired with SkyHawk health management tools, it detects environmental and usage conditions and recommends proactive precautions when necessary. In terms of service, Seagate also provides three years of data recovery service support to avoid unexpected data loss caused by power outages or other errors.

Finally, the SkyHawk AI 20TB HDD was certified and tested by Seagate VIA partners earlier this year and will begin mass shipping this month at $529.99.

From March 23 to 25, Seagate will exhibit physical objects at ISC West in Las Vegas, along with Seagate’s complete storage portfolio of video imaging and analytics solutions. If you are interested, you can follow them.